MakeUp in NewYork: always the best!

With this sixth edition the relevance of the positioning of MakeUp in NewYork in the sphere of Beauty professional events was once again confirmed. And staying in Manhattan was indeed the right choice! More than a hundred carefully selected exhibitors, with about 65% of them specialised in formulation and full service activities backed up by the presence of top companies in the packaging and accessory sector, more than 2,800 visitors over two days, an increase of 15 % over the previous year, and top level visitors in terms of function and responsibility: the combination was once again perfect! And as you will read in the coming days, these positive observations do not come from organizers but from participants!

It is true that no ingredient was missing to achieve a wonderful event! Perfect weather, a proven venue and experienced and reliable service providers (MakeUp in NewYork had already taken place two years in a row at the Center 548), the participation of top global suppliers in the cosmetic and make-up industry, the support of associations among the most representative in the industry, such as the CEW, the CIBS and the FIT, the participation of the best American and French universities in the packaging sector, an outstanding partnership with the Maybelline New York teams, many thanks to them! All are prime examples and evidence the strength and sustainability of an event that started six years ago with “only” 25 exhibitors and 650 visitors!

A clear future!

MakeUp in NewYork 2016 is over…., Long live MakeUp in NewYork in 2017! The date and venue of which will be announced shortly… But rest assured, at a time when many professional events in the Beauty sector are going to overlap next year in New York and “outdo” one another, often in the same exhibition area, MakeUp in NewYork, like its siblings in Paris, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Los Angeles, will continue to be the exception in the Beauty sphere. Exhibitors and visitors know it, this and this is what makes and will continue to make MakeUp in NewYork a “special” event in a place “of its own”!