MakeUp in NewYork in three months…, the exact reflection of the American and… Latinos dynamism!

More than a hundred exhibitors, including 30% first time exhibitors, a prestigious partner, Maybelline (L’Oréal Group), a new series of original and topical conferences with several dozens of high profile personalities from around the globe, indeed this sixth edition of MakeUp in NewYork promises to be particularly exciting.

2016-06-01It must be said that, on the other side of the Atlantic, the “beauty” industry and more particularly the “makeup” industry are doing amazingly well. And not just in the United States, but also in Mexico and Canada. Concerning the United States and according to the NPD Group, the Prestige beauty market experienced in 2015 a 7% growth driven by makeup products (+ 13%).

Mexico and its 120 million inhabitants, has not only become a subcontracting base for US Beauty manufacturers, just like Canada, but Mexican women are increasingly fond of makeup products, particularly mascaras and eyeshadows. Worth 7.7 billion euros, the Mexican beauty market is not to be overlooked…

Once again, MakeUp in NewYork will be an opportunity for its 2,500 regular visitors to have access to what the trade as best to offer in terms of formulation, packaging and accessory subcontractors.

The American beauty market is driven by an astonishing growth, boosted again by makeup. Colour is the expression of increasingly unbridled creativity with a bold color bias, innovations, and the explosion of skin complexion products for Millennials and in particular for the popular selfies.

Beyond the initiatives of well established brands, indie brands were also strong contributors, and more interestingly, the e-commerce prestige market has been experiencing in recent months a somewhat insolent growth (+ 30% for on line prestige makeup in the first quarter of 2016).
More than ever, American brands are revolutionizing the Beauty world!