MakeUp in NewYork is THREE weeks away!

Please remain calm, we know, it’s difficult, but you only have to wait for three little weeks! And as we care about your health, we want to reward you for your patience, and offer you a little break in this dreadful waiting.
Have a look at what we are organising for you in terms of conferences and you’ll know that it was worth the wait!
See you very soon at the Center415 from the 12th to the 13th of September 2018!

Wednesday September 12th, 2018

09:30am – 09:40am “Morning Sessions Welcome
Speech by Benny Calderone, CIBS President

09:45am – 10:30am “Beauty Trends 2019”
The industry has seen some fascinating trends and faced some interesting challenges this year and has been influenced in a variety of different ways. The presentation will cover some of the big topics and stories that we’ve been talking about this year like influencers, Gen Z, Fast Beauty, and the naturals trend with an eye to how we plan for the future.
Keynote by Sarah Jindal, Senior Global Analyst, Innovation and Insights – Beauty and Personal Care at MINTEL

10:45am – 11:45am “Indie Brands Move the Needle”
Roundtable moderated by Karen Young, The Young Group, with the participation of Christine Campbell, Head of Product Development at Free People, Randa Fahmy, Founder of Makeupamerica!, and other selected Indie Brands.

12:00pm – 12:45pm “How J-Beauty recent staging highlights the identities of Asia”
Figures are high, figures are good. Japan’s cosmetics exports are on track to hit another all-time high this year as key players accelerate efforts to attract consumers in China and other parts of Asia with the appeal of the “Made in Japan” label. About 90% of Japan’s cosmetics exports are bound for other Asian markets.
Conference by Florence Bernardin, Founder & CEO of Information & Inspiration

1:30pm – 2:00pm “Beauty News”
Conference on beauty trends by Jessica Matlin, Harper’s Bazaar beauty editor.

2:15pm – 3:00pm “Legacy Brands staying current!”
Conference by Verane de Marffy, Senior VP YSL Beauté

3:15pm – 4:00pm “What new in Full Service / Formulation?”
Round table moderated by Karen Young, The Young Group and Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions with Full Service or formulation suppliers such as:
• Bonnie Beer, Chief Innovation officer for KDC/ONE Companies
• Florence Lefeuvre, VP Group Sales, Marketing & Communication at Alkos Group
• Judy Zegarelli, Founder/Creative Director at Cosmetic Group USA

4:15pm – 5:00pm “FIT Fashion & Beauty program 30 years and Masters 15 years anniversaries”
In 2018, FIT will celebrate its 30 years anniversary of its Fashion & Beauty program as 15 years of its Masters. Virginia Bonofiglio gathers 3 students and 3 alums to discuss beauty education and how it changed /morphed over the past 5 years as we enter the digital world.
Round table moderated by Virginia Bonofiglio, Associate Chairperson – Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, assisted by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions.

Thursday September 13th, 2018

09:45am – 10:30am “What’s up in Full Service; a new proposal from Italy to speed up time to market”
Presentation by Marica Sottile, Marketing Manager of CMI Advanced, Cavalla and Federico Mocchetti, Key Executive of Nastritex Lab.

10:45am – 11:30am “COLOR WAVE by BEAUTYSTREAMS: Anticipating Color Trends for North America”
The COLOR WAVE project comes to New York. Rather than diffusing the same palette worldwide, BEAUTSYTREAMS identifies a palette unique for each global region. Join BEAUTYSTREAMS creative director as he presents the 2019 Palette specifically defined for the North American market.
Discover the COLOR WAVE installation at the 38th Street entrance, showcasing products from exhibitors in tandem with the predicted color trend.
Conference by Michael Nolte, Creative Director at Beautystreams

11:45 am – 12:30pm “Surviving and Thriving as an Indie Brand”
Alicia Yoon, founder of Peach & Lily will share her story on the highs and lows of being an indie brand in a fast moving, highly competitive market.

1:30pm – 2:15pm “What’s up in color?”
Conference by Laurie Pressman, Vice-President Pantone Color Institute at Pantone

2:30pm – 3:15pm “What’s up in Skincare; new ingredients, new benefits, new claims?”
Touching on the hottest trends in ingredients for skin care, color cosmetics, and skin physiology, panelists who include leaders from NYSCC’s Scientific Advisory Committee will discuss natural ingredients, use of polymers, as well as innovations combatting digital pollution…to name a few.
• “Color cosmetics with skin care benefits: a general introduction” by Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Director – Dellacqua Consulting & Chair of the NYSCC Scientific Advisory Committee followed by:
• “Enhanced performance and skin feel in makeup formulations with a novel wear-resistant, anti-pollution, film former” by Hani Fares, Senior Director – Ashland, Inc.
• “When makeup takes care of your skin: Natural ingredients with benefits in color cosmetics and skin care” by Noreza Papin, Area Manager – Laboratoire Expanscience
• “Beauty armor: using make up to pollution-proof skin”by Toussaint Jordan, Technical Marketing Leader – GATTEFOSSÉ

3:30pm – 4:00pm “Millenials FavorITes Awards ”
Madison Donaldson, President of the FIT Cosmetic & Fragrances Marketing Association will present awards, attributed by FIT students, to 3 of the most innovative products taken from the 2018 MakeUp in New York’s Innovation Tree. Awards kindly designed and provided World Wide Packaging