MakeUp in NewYork: Mission accomplished

What comes to mind first to describe this seventh edition of MakeUp in NewYork is that it was like no others. Through the number of visitors first (more than 3100! Three hundred more than in 2016!), through the number of attendees at the conferences (more than 1,750!), thanks to an incredible location (on 5th Avenue!) and through the number of foreign visitors.

The weather was fine last week in Manhattan and the bad weather predicted (which did not happen!) will not have spoiled the gathering. More than ever, MakeUp in NewYork has established itself on September 19 and 20 as the unavoidable appointment of the professional makeup sector in North America. More than 1,800 visitors on the first day, and +3,000 in total, a new record as been set! And the stands of exhibitors were packed too. Visitors also crowded around the innovation tree. All the brands operating in the sector were present at the show. It cannot be denied that the U.S. market remains a driving force for the entire sector across the world. All indicators are green in the U.S. although there are some signs of demand slowing down. Another significant phenomenon, which also explains the success of the event, is this marked trend for “Made in America” products, which can only help foster both industrial investments in the U.S., – be it on the side of foreign companies with an increasing number of them establishing in the country in recent months – and also on the side of local companies which are making every efforts to satisfy demand both in quantity and quality.

Top level conferences!

Conferences, once again were extremely successful, obviously owing much to the huge work achieved upstream by the Beauteam staff but also and mostly thanks to the work of partnering consultants, whom we must warmly thank. Big thanks also to the various Brands participants who, through their commitment and presence, have undoubtedly drawn debates upwards. A big thanks, finally, to all the service providers, be they the manager of the venue, the teams that provided the stands, the furniture, and all the others…, for their efficiency and professionalism and who made possible for this 7th edition to be a huge success, thus adding to the twenty four previous and successive editions across the world of the “MakeUp in…™” saga.