MakeUp in NewYork, new dates, new place!

The next MakeUp in NewYork trade show already promises to be a success. With a 15% increase in the number of exhibitors compared to the show last year, this fifth anniversary edition also sees a 25% increase in its exhibition area! With a lot more exhibitors than expected taking larger stands… Under these conditions, it was impossible, not only to stay in the same location, but also and above all to keep the same dates. Therefore, MakeUp in NewYork in 2015 will take place at the Penn Plaza Pavilion on 9 and 10 September 2015.

Explanations by Sandra Maguarian, Show Manager.


MakeUp in™: You had already announced several weeks ago that the event would change locations. Now you are also announcing a change in dates… Why?

Sandra Maguarian: To be honest, we had not anticipated this necessary increase in the floor surface. I suppose this is the price of success. We had already made plans to change locations, but given this increase in both the number of stands and their size, the challenge for us was to be able to obtain an additional day for the set-up of both stands and animations. This is in fact why we had actually asked to keep these optional dates of September 9 and 10, which allowed us to get that extra day, but which at the time were already reserved as part of another event. But luckily they were made available a few days ago!


MakeUp in™: This means good news for everyone!

Sandra Maguarian: Great news, indeed! Because an extra day means more time and therefore less stress for a perfect setting up of stands, not to mention the whole environment of the show itself. An extra day is the guarantee for exhibitors to get the best services they expect and are entitled to. This is all the more important that we will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of MakeUp in NewYork. Five years already! Time just flies… For our team, it seems only like yesterday. From every point of view, there really is no room for mistakes. This new venue and the new dates will enable us to build an even more beautiful and more efficient event.