MakeUp in NewYork… Next fall’s “flagship” event!

MakeUp in NewYork is already set to be next fall’s major appointment on the East Coast of the United States. This will be the 7th edition but also the 25th Edition of the MakeUp in™ events organized in the world in the past eight years! A New York edition that will take place in a North American make-up and skincare market as dynamic as ever. The proof in figures (NPD Group) and number of exhibitors. It’s time to register!

According to the latest statistics published by the NPD Group, “recent growth in key make-up categories coincides with the rising popularity of make-up as the latest workout essential. In the U.S., prestige make-up sales increased by 11 percent to $7.6 billion in the 12 months ending February 2017, accounting for over 80 percent of total industry gains. Growth in foundation, primers, eye brow, and lip colour products, as well as those formulated to be long-lasting and waterproof, are playing into the trend.”

The power of the look!

“In today’s image-driven society, the bar has been raised to maintain a perfected ‘natural’ appearance virtually around the clock,” said Karen Grant, Global Beauty Industry Analyst, at the NPD Group. “With heightened focus on appearance, the door opens for manufacturers and retailers to fill the need for consumers seeking increased usage of beauty products that can hold up to the rigors of our active lives – including a workout – to look good before, during, and after working out.”

Foundation sales grew by 8 percent during this period, driven by long wear foundation and those with added benefits. Long wear foundation sales increased by 13 percent, while basic foundation saw a decline. Concealer sales increased by 17 percent and powder by 7 percent, the latter which has now surpassed blush sales. Completing the make-up package, growth in eye brow make-up accelerated to 31 percent and lip colour sales increased by 18 percent.

Make-up has seen sales increases for products designed specifically to help make-up last; primer sales for the face (+16 percent), eyes (+6 percent), and even lips (+23 percent) have grown. Waterproof mascara (+16 percent) and eyeliner (+7 percent) led the gains in their respective categories. To freshen up after a workout, dry shampoo sales increased by 66 percent.

MakeUp in NewYork Exhibitors: