MakeUp in NewYork: nothing can beat images!

Only five days to go before the opening of this sixth edition of MakeUp in NewYork. A sixth edition where actors, suppliers and brands will be more than ever under the influence of Internet and TV images. As a proof, the conference of Eve Pearl on September 7 from 01:30pm on the theme “Global Beauty Trends exposure and the value of Mega TV marketing” and the conference of the FIT students illustrated by a video on the theme “the daily application of make-up.”



On the afternoon of September 7 at 04:30pm, you won’t want to miss the presentation of an original video by the FIT students specializing in Cosmetics. Theme of this presentation: “The daily application of make-up.”

The group of students consists of Ashley Maria, David Lucas, Rafaela Topalian and Jessica Zuschlag. “Cosmetics mean more to people than one would imagine and it is much more than a superficial aspect of life”, this is what students will strive to demonstrate. “It goes skin deep and people are ready to share what it means to them. We brought together individuals of different ages, sexes, ethnics, and skills and have asked them to show us their beauty routine. Then we interviewed them so that they could tell us exactly what makeup meant to them. We want the cosmetic industry to get real feedback and insight from people that use the cosmetics they produce. We want to inspire the industry so that it can continue producing products that bring pleasure to those that love this industry and its products unconditionally.”

Rafaela Topalian, Ashley Maria, Jessica Zuschlag, David Lucas

Rafaela Topalian, Ashley Maria, Jessica Zuschlag et David Lucas

An appropriate training for the Beauty sector!

It may be recalled that the Master’s in Professional Studies in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management is the only program of its kind.

A think tank of innovative leadership, the program provides advanced education for emerging executives, fostering both creative and analytical business skills. Students obtain a global perspective through field studies in multiple overseas markets. Through academic and experiential learning and an Executive Mentor Program, the curriculum facilitates the development of empathic leaders with the objective of shepherding brands that are global corporate citizens with products that delight and inspire the consumer.

With over 200 successful graduates, the CFMM program is designed for individuals working in cosmetics, fragrances, and beauty-related areas who have been recommended by their employers because of their strong management potential.

The capstone project (final thesis) reflects the partnership between industry and the classroom. Working in teams, graduating students develop an innovative, in-depth, interdisciplinary approach to a strategic topic determined by the faculty. They present their results to a panel of faculty and industry experts at an industry-sponsored event.

The impact of television!

2016-evepearlThe conference of Eve Pearl on September 7th from 01:30 pm on the theme “Global Beauty Trends exposure and the value of mega TV marketing” will definitely attract many participants.

Eve is a 5-Time Emmy Award Winner, Author and Authority on Beauty. A leader in the industry with two decades of experience as a makeup professional in television, film, theatre and print. Setting the standards and trends in global beauty. As an innovator, Eve continues to develop the EVE PEARL Beauty Brands. Recognized in the industry as the leader in simple beauty solutions providing skincare cosmetics with immediate results and lasting benefits.

Eve’s frequent television appearances, feature “How To” Makeovers, Lifestyle and Beauty Trends. An authority on beauty and down to earth appeal make Eve a global trendsetter. A rising star on QVC worldwide offering top rated luxury products with her signature method of simple beauty solutions.

Eve’s book, ‘Plastic Surgery without the Surgery, The Miracle of Makeup Techniques’, is a cult favorite and “must have” for beauty insight! Her work includes NBC’s Today show, ABC’s The View, Good Morning America and The Academy Awards, to name a few. Her work with celebrities and products used include Angelina Jolie, Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Willis, Kelly Ripa, Joel Osteen, Arianna Huffington, Meredith Vieira… the list goes on.