MakeUp in NewYork: only…30 days to go!

Four short weeks to go and the third edition of MakeUp in NewYork will open its doors for two days (25 and 26 September 2013) at the Center548 in New York (548 West 22nd Street). In view of the pre-registrations received, the number of visitors to date is already up by more than 15% over last year.

Two times more exhibitors, 14 animations, 12 conferences, 30 speakers!

It must be said that this new edition of MakeUp in NewYork looks definitely attractive. Two times more exhibitors compared to 2012, fourteen make-up animations, twelve conferences involving thirty speakers, this third appointment of the American make-up industry looks very promising! And the big gala event organized on September 25th in the evening in partnership with the Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers Association (CIBS) already has many guests registered.

Make-up: still riding high

A third American edition, which will take place in an atmosphere as dynamic as ever for this make-up sector the world over. Hence, it still manages to post a significant good growth, globally in Western Europe, particularly in the mass distribution market. Nearly a quarter of European women use at least two make-up products every day. The European market is driven by constant innovations.

The boom of eye make-up

In France, among the three main segments of the “Beauty” sector (source: NPD/PremiumBeautyNews), only make-up manages to stay afloat (+ 0.2%), while fragrances lose 1.7% (- 1.0% for women’s and – 2.8% for men’s fragrances) and personal care products are down by 2.3%. The study highlights that, for this first half of 2013, eye make-up products clearly stand out through their dynamism.

Figures also show that beyond traditional make-up products like mascaras, the sales growth truly impacts all types of eye make-up products, like eye shadows or even smaller segments like eyebrow pencils and eyeliners.

These figures seem to confirm a sustained trend foe eye make-up, observed in the United and which has been emerging in Europe since 2012. During the first half of 2013, the eye make-up segment is also the fastest growing segment in the UK, Spain and Italy.

USA: make-up and sun protection

An interesting phenomenon, sales of make-up and high-end skincare products claiming a sun protection factor (SPF) have increased by 24% in three years time in the United States (source: NPD/PremiumBeautyNews). These sales have totalled $ 1.1 billion in prestige Department Stores over the June 2012/May 2013 period. Moreover, note the authors of the study, for the whole make-up and skincare sector, products with a SPF 15 remain the largest segment in sunscreens with more than half of sales in value. The growth in the make-up offer with a SPF 15 was driven by an increase in average prices of 6% over last year, but products with a slightly higher protection factor (SPF 20 and 25) are the ones which have experienced double-digit growth figures based on an increase in the number of units sold.

MakeUp in New York 2013, an event not to be missed…. Only 30 days to go!