MakeUp in NewYork: our followers are growing

This third edition of MakeUp in NewYork has been a hands-down success with all participants, whether exhibitors or visitors. The volume of both has increased significantly. Take for example the number of visitors, at 6 pm on Thursday 26 September the figure stood at 1,520, which is 50% more than the previous year. And the number of exhibitors has increased by almost 100 % compared to last year.But, once again, it is not so much the number of participants that we found most remarkable, rather than the quality of our visitors, which has consistently improved since beginning the event just three years ago. Not only is MakeUp in NewYork continuing to work its charm, but its attraction is growing… much like its Parisian sister. The same essential ingredients for the same success. Something the North American professional network is very aware of. The biggest association, CIBS, made a point of organising one of its biggest annual evening events at the same time as MakeUp in NewYork. And it paid off! Even its chairman confessed to never having seen so many people, with a total number of attendees surpassing their own personal best of 500 people.

Two “non-stop” days of discussion and business!

MakeUp in NewYork was also marked by an impressive turnout at the ten or so conferences and half a dozen “make-up” activities that punctuated the two-day event. Here too, lots of people came to the conference room which remained full from one session to the next. Thirst for information, thirst for innovation, all the ingredients were there to make sure this third edition reached its goal of becoming “THE” benchmark north-American event devoted exclusively to the professional make-up industry.

On-the-spot testimonials!

ABC Texture : « Once again, a nice show, very qualitative in term of contacts. Thank you to the MakeUp in NewYork’s team, see you soon in Seoul. »

Alkos: “An extraordinary show for Alkos this year – A very successfull session with a lot of major US actors discovering our new little but growing group and finding qualitative alternative pencils & make-up products made in French quality. We ran out of samples! Will bring more next year!”

Art Cosmetics: “Many thanks for the profitable show we just hosted in NYC.

It has been a very good opportunity to meet all of our existing North American customers and present our products and capabilities to prospective businesses. We loved the pragmatic approach, the exibitor mix and the trendy location…”

Beauty Packaging: “Enjoyed the show as always! Such a pleasure to work with you!”

Bell: “As always, it was a pleasure to see and work with you. Thank you for your help and look forward to next year.”

Cosmecca Korea: “It was a great show to meet new customers. In addition, the business & cocktail meeting was great after the show. Next year, we will come again!”

Cosmetic Group USA, Inc.: “We were very pleased with everything about our experience at MakeUp In NewYork. Everyone on your team made us feel very welcome at the show.”

Design Enterprises: “Thank you so much for creating such a well organized and sophisticated industry event. It keeps getting better each year!”

Fiabila: “As always MakeUp in… got everything right. Thank you to all the team for inviting us to New York – a friendly atmosphere, some intense, exciting and colourful moments… and thank you to the large number of enthusiastic visitors.”

Axilone: “A big thank you for organising the event so well before and during the show, we truly appreciated it. Once again, it was a great edition in a beautiful setting. Thank you and we look forward to next year.”

HCT beauty: “This was a successful show and it keeps getting better and better every year.”

Nastri-Tex: “MakeUp in NewYork: make-up is our excellence, New York is my love, our customers our passion.”

Nu World: “The show was terrific. The feedback was very positive.”

Oxygen Development: “The show was very good as far as Oxygen is concerned. I would say the best so far.”

Qualipac: “We thought the show was a success as we met some good large potential customers.”

Red Color: “Thanks a lot for your great organization and kindness. We are very happy about the exibition feedback.”

Sleever: “On the whole the 2013 edition of MUP in NY left a positive impression. As far as the organisation goes, what can we say… except a big thank you!”

Regi: “Thank you for having convinced us to participate in MakeUp in NY. This show has been very positive.”

Joko: “We would like to thank you for giving us the possibility to participate in the MakeUp in NewYork show this year. The result exceeded our expectations! We were busy all the time during the show, which means that they were really fruitful for our company. Sure, the feedback after the fairs is extremely important, but it has to be said that the show is increasingly popular among professionals in the business and you simply must participate in it if you want to win recognition for your company in the world of color cosmetics. We also thought that the organization was brilliant. Everything worked as promised. Moreover, we liked the minimalistic and simple approach as far as the show is concerned. Similar booths do not take the attention away from what’s most important – the products and business meetings.”