MakeUp in NewYork, students of the Fashion Institute of Technology are ready to steal the show… with love !

Students of the Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing Association (CFMA), which is part of the prestigious New York University, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), have decided to actively participate to the next MakeUp in NewYork trade show. Students will take advantage of this unique gathering of the US make-up industry to animate three themes on which they are already working, namely: “the NYC make-up looks” (Inspired by New York City neighbourhoods); “Make-up for Tomorrow” and the “Nail Texture Evolution”.

“We will be choosing a few neighbourhoods that embody New York City and develop make-up palettes inspired by the characteristics and traits of each neighbourhood. We will try and capture the essence of each neighborhood and showcase it in the make-up palettes, explained the students”. Six officers of the Association will be taking lead on the exhibit and will also be having 10-15 students that will be involved with the exhibit.

A keen interest for the cosmetics industry!

It may be recalled that the CFMA brings together students that have an interest in learning about the business, marketing, and product innovation side of the cosmetics industry. The club’s goal is to expose the members to multiple facets within the beauty business like product development, product knowledge, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. Several meetings are held throughout the year during which students explain their work and where industry professionals are invited to present their companies and their innovations.

CFMA members are a combination of students from the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Program at FIT and other FIT students who are passionate about the beauty industry and would like to eventually get into the program. In the program, each class is designed to learn about the relationship and connection between a product’s science, art and business.

“The CFMA officers want to combine fresh perspective from our generation coupled with our evolving knowledge and education received from FIT. Our association is very excited to be able to participate at the MakeUp in NewYork event.”