MakeUp in NewYork will celebrate its 5th anniversary on 16th and 17th September 2015 at the Penn Plaza Pavilion

A few weeks after the 2014 edition closed its doors, the enthusiasm of the entire American make-up industry – undoubtedly impressed by the success of this 4th edition– continues to show no limits.As a proof, the many expressions of satisfaction and support that the Beauteam US team receives daily … As a proof, also, the many requests to exhibit in 2015. “This positive dynamics is absolutely great,” says Sandra Maguarian, the Show Manager. “We are very proud of this tremendous support from the North American make-up industry. This forces us to be particularly vigilant in order to maintain MakeUp in NewYork at the highest possible level. We listen, of course, and take into consideration the advice, which is given to us every day by exhibitors and visitors.”

At the heart of Manhattan!

MakeUp in NewYork will take place next year on 16th and 17th September 2015 at the PENN PLAZA PAVILION*. A unique venue and extremely convenient to access, right in front of Penn Station, actually the main intercity train station in New-York where most subway lines and trains converge including those coming from New Jersey, where the real industrial core of the New-York Beauty sector is.

A unique event!

Next year it will be the turn of MakeUp in NewYork to celebrate its fifth anniversary! “It’s both a very young and very old age,” explains Jean-Yves Bourgeois, President of Beauteam US. “Very young because the creation of this event seems to have happened yesterday… very old because with today’s digital economy and speed of information along with the evermore ephemeral nature of our consumer society, events that pass the five year mark are not so many nowadays. Again we want to thank all the manufacturers who have trusted us and continue to trust us. Their daily support touches us deeply. This 2014 edition is definitely a turning point. To increase by 40 percent from one year to another the number of visitors is more than just a sign. This is “THE” proof of the appropriateness of the positioning of MakeUp in NewYork. And, you can be sure, the 2015 edition will only be better! Quality, friendliness, professionalism, efficiency … will be more than ever the key words.”

MakeUp in NewYork – September 16th & 17th 2015 – Penn Plaza Pavilion