MakeUp in NewYork will take place on September 7 and 8, 2016 at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn

It’s official, the next edition of MakeUp in NewYork will take place in Brooklyn, the hippest neighborhoods in town. And not in just any place… The Grand Prospect Hall, situated exactly twenty five minutes from midtown Manhattan. A mythical, original, off-beat and friendly venue. Undoubtedly this sixth edition of MakeUp in NewYork will live up to the reputation of an event that will be in its eighteenth edition in the World. Explanations by Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois.

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MakeUp in…™: It is not that simple to find the “right” venue in New York to organize an event like yours? Next September, it will take place in Brooklyn. A borough that is perfectly in tune with the image of MakeUp in NewYork?

Sandra Maguarian: Not that simple, indeed! But this time it’s the right spot! In a few years’ time, Brooklyn has actually become a fashionable spot, « THE »place to be. The atmosphere is very different from Manhattan. Today it is “THE” trendiest borough in New York where live artists, bohos looking for the perfect loft or young affluent families. Spending a few days in Brooklyn, is like being in a vibrant melting pot. Trendy Manhattan people now take a taxi to have a drink and enjoy the bars in Williamsburg or the chic boutiques in the Park Slope area.


MakeUp in…™: And what about the “Grand Prospect Hall”, truly an incredible place?

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: Amazing indeed! Nothing is missing to make of this sixth MakeUp in NewYork edition a huge success. Imagine a huge building of more than 45.000 sqf consisting of a number of large rooms equally original and offbeat. Imagine a garden, multiple terraces, numerous meeting rooms, the whole of it in a perfect atmosphere of conviviality. You really feel at ease and relaxed. A place particularly conducive to business. Once there, no one will want to leave this place.


MakeUp in…™: Is it easy to get there?

Sandra Maguarian: Very easy…. The first subway station is just a hundred meters away and we will organize shuttles from downtown Manhattan, using mini-bus. We tested them in person: Exactly twenty five minutes by car, from the centre of Manhattan, thirty five minutes using the subway. With a private taxi, you will only stand in line five minutes, at the maximum. In addition, there is a (free) car park on site with a capacity of nearly two hundred vehicles!


MakeUp in…™: Like the MakeUp in NewYork trade show, the US make-up sector is booming!

Jean-Yves Bourgeois: Make-up is more than ever the leading segment in America with a 6% growth this year over the previous year. A dynamic that has shifted to the eye segment (+10%) and lip segment (+13%) (source: NPD). The lip segment, in particular, remains the growth engine of the make-up sector.
Sales of eye make-up had already increased by 10% in the Prestige segment from November 2013 to November 2014 in the US, while sales of make-up for the lips had increased by nearly 13%.
Make-up for eyebrows and eye shadows are the two product categories that have experienced the strongest growth in eye make-up.