May the best win with two prestigious contests at MakeUp in NewYork!

For the first time, this year’s MakeUp in NewYork will organize two competitions: a packaging contest putting together teams from different American universities, as well as the New York edition of the “Innovation Tree Products” competition. This contest, which was first organized for MakeUp in Seoul and also proved very successful at MakeUp in Paris, will feature more than sixty products from more than a third of MakeUp in NewYork’s exhibitors. These will be, without a doubt, two major highlights at our show next September.

Our sincere thanks to the contestants this year’s “Innovation Tree Products” contest, who contributed over sixty products, for their creativity and dynamism! The competition is set to end on September 9th and 10th in New York, where the winning products will be presented. Our jury of experts, which met last week, often found it very hard to pick winners! The jury  reviewed exciting new manufacturing ideas for formulas and applicators, along with a dazzling array of ever more efficient and clever packaging.

In total, the competition included sixty-two products. Jury members were presented with a wide array of products representing the whole make-up sector in a very balanced way. The contest featured eighteen products in the formulation category, eighteen in the packaging category, sixteen in the full service category and finally ten in the accessories category.STICK IT PRODUCT-CORNER - copie

Twenty six products selected!

In the end, twenty-six entries were selected by the Experts’Committee for their innovative nature. They will be showcasedin the entrance hall on the two-day show, as part of the Innovation Tree Products display. The name and booth number of each winning product’s company will be mentioned, enabling visitors to visit the exhibiting company’s booth.

A big thanks to all the members of the Committee of Experts who tested and evaluated all these products:

* Florence Bernardin, founder of Information & Inspiration, a market research firm specialized in Asian cosmetic and beauty products

* Hélène Capgras, Manager of Brain for Beauty for the Martine Leherpeur Consulting firm, specialized in creative business planning for the luxury and beauty market

* Charles – Emmanuel Gounod, founder and manager of Beautyworld Connections with a global experience in BtoB in the beauty and cosmetics industry

* Jean-Louis Mathiez, creator and manager of Cinqpats, specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation

* Luisa Oliva, International consultant in cosmetics with an expertise in the field of formulation

* Serge German, Director of the Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC or European Institute for Packaging Technology

American universities are not left out !

Second highlight of this fifth edition of MakeUp in NewYork, the result of the contest staging several American universities on the theme of Packaging Innovation. The final step of the contest involved 12 teams of students from 3 universities: (Rutgers University- University of Oregon –Virginia Polytechnic Institute Ohio State University).These teams, together with their advisers, have been working on an innovative packaging project since January 2015 and submitted their work in mid-June 2015.