Only 126 days left! MakeUp in NewYork on 9 & 10 September 2015 on the rise!

The fifth edition of MakeUp in NewYork looks set to reach new heights! With 96 exhibitors coming from not only North America but also Central America, Asia and Europe, MakeUp in NewYork will attract as usual, the very best in the U.S. beauty
industry. A fifth edition «deserves to be celebrated!» And that will be the case. The organizing team has concocted a few surprises for you. All generations will be given centre stage and, in particular, young professionals-to-be from leading U.S.
universities, whose talent will be singled out for the first time at an official award
ceremony on September 9 in the evening.

Meanwhile, MakeUp in NewYork will be more than ever true to its motto: an event of its own dedicated to companies solely specialized in the make-up and skin-care sector.
See for yourself

96 exclusive exhibitors at your service!