Skincare innovations at MakeUp in NewYork

Wondering what we’ll find in the beauty shelves next year?

Come and seize every opportunity to discover innovations and product launches, network and understand the trends to come, during 2 days of intense business at MakeUp in NewYork on 22 and 23 September 2021.

A few days before the opening, we couldn’t resist the urge to give you a sneak preview of some of the skincare innovations that will be showcased by our exhibitors.

Avant première N°1: Skincare products

Light your beauty also in the dark!

The texture is smooth, soft and transparent, leaving a fabulous natural and shiny effect.

A new routine to discover with a clean tone-up cream,

which have also the properties of a primer, designed to quench skin’s thirst, restore its energy level while balancing and brightening the natural skin tone.

Look inspiration from the fun vitamin-packed kids’ superfood puree. The packaging is squeezable and easy to carry.

Have you ever dreamt to wake-up with fortified and healthier looking lashes and brows?

Discover a solution to promote the appearance of stronger, softer, more fortified and healthier lashes and brows.

The VEGAN FORMULA is easy to apply with a 2-in-1 full sized applicator designed for brows.

Apply and spread make-up with one side, before blending it into your skin with the other

A double-action brush designed to make-up artists, with a ferrule, in capital D shape, created with one side of the brush flat and a softer bow-shaped form on the other side.


We look forward to welcoming you on 22 & 23 September in Javits Center in New York.