The “2016 Innovation Tree” contest: more than sixty competing products!

The big contest on innovation organized as part of the MakeUp In trade shows continues to attract year after year, make-up companies. On the occasion of the forthcoming MakeUp in NewYork event, close to 30 companies submitted a total of more than 60 products. The Jury members, who just met on the occasion, had to choose among 43 innovative formulas and 17 new packaging and/or applicators. Again another record! On September 7th, in Manhattan at the Center 548, you will discover the winners.

Innovation Tree

It seems each year, MakeUp in NewYork trade show reach a new stage. With 63 products nominated this year as part of the big “Innovation” contest, this 6th New York edition will be equal to the craze of US brands for the make-up sector. Given the strong influence of companies operating in the formulation and full service sector, it is not surprising to have more than 30 new formulas nominated this year. As for manufacturers specialised in packagings and applicators, they also massively answered the call with 20 products.

A big thanks to the following Companies: Aircos, Albea, Alkos, Anomatic, Ante International Cosmetics, Asadal, Bell, Bonne, Cosmetic Group USA, Cosmei, CSR Cosmetics Solutions, Faber-Castell, Italcosmetici, ITiT Cosmetics, Kolmar, Lumson, Mascara Plus, Pascuals, Pennellifaro, Polychromatic, Qualipac, Roberts, R&D Color, S&J International, Step Cosmetici, Strand Cosmetics, Unipack and Yu Ga.

An exciting 2016 edition!

It was not an easy task for the seven members of the Jury who had gathered mid-July to single out the winners who will have the chance to see their projects hung on the famous “Innovation Tree” at the next MakeUp in NewYork. Many thanks to Florence Bernardin, Founder of Information & Inspiration, an expert in Asian cosmetic and Beauty products; Pauline Bonafous, Marketing Project Manager at the Creative Trend Forecasting agency Carlin International Group; Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Founder and manager of Beautyworld Connections; Jean-Louis Mathiez, Founder and manager of Cinqpats an Agency specializing in cosmetic packaging innovation; Luisa Oliva, International Cosmetics consultant, expert in formulation; Serge German, Director of the European School of Packaging (ESEPAC) and Gerald Martines, Founder & Director of in.signes.

Innovation is the driver of make-up!

According to Pauline Bonafous, “Regarding packaging, products submitted stand out this year in particular because of their travel size format: all-in-one packagings, compact and life facilitators. Nomadic, full-service products that answer a growing need among consumers: a daily efficiency with products that simplify their beauty routine and do not interfere in the hectic pace of modern lifestyle.”

“In terms of formulas, the ultra-matte trend is still as popular and even gaining momentum, she said. No-transfer Lip stains, creamy lip sticks that matify upon application… many projects for lip formulas that follow this trend. A trend that is however not the exclusive preserve of lip products: liquid foundations that become velvety upon contact with the skin, and water-based gels that fade out pores and imperfections like a magic formula.”

For his part, Jean-Louis Mathiez confirmed that “packs submitted, in quantity and quality, show that innovation is the driver of make-up. A trend, he believes, comes down to:
– Protection of the formula with increasingly air tight packagings, easy to open and close.
– A precise and sensory application with pens and brushes adapted to textures.
– A communication facilitated by the design and materials used, so that the user immediately perceives the product’s new features….”

“Finally pride of place is given to textures and texture effects for new skin sensations and a highly sophisticated pay-off,” highlighted Florence Bernardin… “Glossy, matte, lacquered, blurred… but also rich and foamy… a real treat for the senses. Participating companies also rivalled one another in technicality, with beautiful inclusions, fun encapsulations and gourmand formulas… make-up this year is not only pleasant to use, it also offers lightness, simplicity and lots of desirability!”

“We evaluate an increasing number of environmentally friendly packagings, explains Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, because they are either designed with fewer components, or with partly recyclable materials, and this is a very good thing. Another trend includes mobile products and packagings adapted to travel retail distribution, which proves that both the use and the act of purchase continue to evolve.”

Outstanding products to discover at MakeUp in NewYork…