Unique & hygienic new beauty accessories as yet unseen in the market

A conference by ASQUAN & PYLOTE

PYLOTE, a key player in the cleantech industrial mineral and ceramic chemistry, and ASQUAN GROUP, an up and coming technology driven company that sources, creates, produces and markets ground breaking beauty solutions, will present innovative, cleaner, safer and greener new beauty accessories to cosmetics brands and their consumers in the US market.

The breakthrough innovation that both speakers will share provides natural bacterial and viral contamination protection, giving an unprecedented level of safety and hygiene as yet, unseen in the market.

As you are now well aware, MakeUp in NewYork opens its doors in just over a month and a half from now at Center415 from the 11th to the 12th of September 2019! As always, our show includes an amazing conference program that promises to be utterly interesting! You just got here a little sneak peek of it. See the full program here.