At MakeUp in Seoul in two weeks … China and Japan will take centre stage!

China on one side, Japan on the other, The Korean beauty sector is undoubtedly driven by its two powerful neighbours. Stimulated commercially by China, which is fast becoming one of its biggest customers for make-up products…, and spurred in development and innovation by Japan that remains one of the most dynamic Asian countries in these two fields.

These will be the themes of the two series of conferences on 6 and April 7 at MakeUp in Seoul.


China will be in the spotlights during the first morning of conferences from 10:15 am to 1:00pm on Wednesday, April 6th at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul. To illustrate the expectations from this very fast moving and growing market, manufacturers and brand representatives will have an opportunity to express themselves! Caroline Moulin, CEO of Nao Design Trends, at 10:15 am, will introduce this morning of thoughts on the theme: “After skin care, this is the time for colour cosmetics in China”. She will also speak of: Past, current and future gestures…. How the brands answer to the Chinese consumers expectations from BB cream and Cushion Compacts to Big Eyes, through lips and colour cosmetics?

An exciting round table will follow from 10:45am to 11:30 am with the participation of many industry professionals: Grace Liang, Marketing Manager for Albéa Make Up China; Tyler Sun, Regional Market Development Director, Aptar B+H, Northeast Asia; Huina Jin, Sales Director, Zhejiang Axilone Shunhua; Cyril Ruiz-Moise, Chairman & General Manager, SGD Asia Pacific and Thomas Weckerle, CEO Weckerle Cosmetics.

Among the topics addressed… “The Chinese market specifics: Speed, reactivity, lead-time…? How different it is from other markets? How to react vs. the clients and brands expectations: premiumisation or massification? How to cope with more Chinese brands from a technical stand point: new gesture, new textures and new applicators? The future: new trends, connected packaging, intelligent packaging, “smart packaging”?

A round table, followed by a conference at 11:30 am about a Chinese success story, with the brand Jala, presented by Li Min, Purchasing Department Director. The Company will present its latest innovations and its expectation from its suppliers. Then, to conclude this morning on China, we will have a conference about “Yves Saint Laurent, a French glamour in China” presented by Jassie Zheng, Marketing Director of YSL China and Ivy Li, Brand Director YSL China at L’Oréal Luxury Division.

What’s new in Japan?

Or rather, “What’s hot in Japan?. This will be the theme of a conference followed by a round table moderated on April 7, in the afternoon from 3:30 pm by Florence Bernardin, CEO & Founder of Information & Inspiration. Main theme: “How make-up is evolving to meet all the Japanese women multi-profiles, from the young … to the positively aging generations”.

With the participation and the testimonial of Takae Kochigami (Japanese Make Up Artist) and representatives of Japanese brands of which Kanebo and Shiseido.

A third edition of MakeUp in Seoul not to be missed…