Beauty retail best practices overview. How to create a “one of a kind experience”

To attend absolutely at the next MakeUp in Seoul show on April 25 at 15:15, the conference led by Elizabeth Marq, founder and director Visual Merchandising Trends. On this occasion, Elizabeth Marq will share her view and experience in retail about how to use the power of emotion… and create an “emotional experience”, how to create story telling “uniqueness” as well as “sublime experiences”. Explanations par Elizabeth Marq.

Elizabeth Marq

MakeUp in…™: Is Beauty Retail actually innovative?

Elizabeth Marq: Yes ! Beauty Retail is certainly the category which has been most impacted by new technologies: new Apps, new devices using Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR): it means beauty retail has entered a major metamorphosis phase and is today one of the most innovative!

MakeUp in…™: How do you see the future of Beauty Retail?

Elizabeth Marq: The world is moving fast ! But… still 90% of beauty products are bought in store: it means that the shoppers need to go to the stores and experience the products before buying them! Forget about the “grab and go“ old buying habit: today shoppers want to “play, engage and stay”! The stores have to play this strategic role as consuming new experiences is becoming more important than the act of purchasing.

MakeUp in…™: What kind of experiences will impact beauty retail?

Elizabeth Marq: The “one of a kind experience” should be the only way brands see their in store strategy. Brands need to focus on creating “emotional experiences” that will lead shoppers towards engagement, memories and loyalty.

MakeUp in…™: Can you give us some examples?

Elizabeth Marq: There are a lot of great examples that are definitely “best practices” for the beauty industry, and the most innovative are not always the leaders (ex Wah Nails’ Salon of the future in London). I would say: Sensorial immersion, digital sensoriality, magnified tactile experiences, interactive explorations, augmented experiences…

MakeUp in…™: Is innovation in beauty retail necessarily going through digital?

Elizabeth Marq: Not at all. Digital is a just a tool not a strategy. Beauty brand strategies should focus on their “story telling uniqueness” to demonstrate in store their heritage, their signature, their values.

MakeUp in…™: In conclusion, what would be the best retail strategies you recommend for beauty brands?

Elizabeth Marq: There are roughly four of them:
– Be innovative but in a disruptive way
– Offer beauty “at any time”
– Let the consumer be part of your brand: ”make your own”
– Install a constant relationship with “pop up experiences”