In two months in Seoul…., more than ever the future of make-up in Asia

The fourth edition of MakeUp in Seoul is nothing less than a turning point! Like never before this event will have gathered so many exhibitors coming from every corner of the world (USA, Europe, Indonesia, China) and proposed so many conferences and round tables with an international focus. More than ever, during two days, Seoul will be the platform of MakeUp in Asia. With a 10% increase in the number of exhibitors compared to last year, organizers are also expecting a strong influx of visitors from the Asia Pacific region. Among the highlights of the conference programme, several roundtables with the joint participation of brand managers from China and Australia. And the twenty five journalists, after attending the press conference in Seoul on 6 February, were also convinced: “The centre of gravity of MakeUp in Asia will be in Seoul next April 5 and 6.”

Attendance was high at the press conference organized on February 6 in Seoul, to present to Asian journalists the strong points of the strategy of the MakeUp in…™ trade shows in the world and Asia, and more specifically, the next MakeUp in Seoul event, to be held next 5 and 6 April at the Conrad Hotel. Two hours of a particularly rich presentation and of a questions/answers session that demonstrate the growing success of the MakeUp in…™ concept in this region. Year on year, the number of exhibitors will be on the rise again (+ 10%) and the notoriety of the show now extends well beyond South Korean borders. Organizers are expecting an increased number of visitors from China, Japan, Indonesia and even Australia.

Conference Program

Wednesday April 5th

10h15-11h00 : “What’s Up in Asia?”
Conference by Sharon Kwek – MINTEL

11h15-12h00 : “East meet West… and West meet East”
Conference by Louis Houdart, CEO of Creative Capital (Shanghai)

12h15-13h00 : “The Beauty Market in China; consumer trends”
Conference by Deng Ming, General Manager of Ping Guan Media (Shanghai)

14h00-14h45 : “Autumn/Winter 2017 Runway Beauty Trends: Key Concepts for Asia-Pacific”
Conference by Michael Nolte, Beautystreams
Discover the latest women’s make-up, hair, and men’s grooming trends fresh from the A/W 2017/18 runways of Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Get inspired for product development and marketing decisions in the Asian-Pacific region. BEAUTYSTREAMS’ international team of experts determines the key color and texture trends for face, lips, eyes, nails, and hair.

15h00-15h45 : “How the Selfie Generation Is Impacting the Beauty Industry – Trends and Inspiration from the US market”
The face of the beauty market is changing due to the use of technology accessed from the palm of the hand. The smartphone is revolutionizing consumption: it’s now faster (through e-commerce), involves more savvy consumers (through Google searches or YouTube videos), is more predictive (by virtue of applications) and is community driven (with the rise of peer-to-peer or “P2P”).
The consumer empowered with a smartphone, now communicates with others by way of selfies, making self-staging a widespread phenomenon and underscoring the importance of appearance in our society. With the powerful rise of selfies and the importance of the beauty conversation in social media, our makeup industry is experiencing a major boom but also a major shift. During this presentation, Leila Rochet-Podvin will present the way the selfie generation is modifying the relation to femininity and how brands, especially in the USA, are surfing on this social practice to innovate. From the quest of « Instagramization » to the one of showing a « non makeup look », Leila will present inspiring new territories and examples of innovative products.

16h00-17h30 : “China new challenges; Products and Distribution of beauty brands”

16h00-16h10 : “The challenges of the Chinese Make Up market”
Introduction by Caroline Moulin and Isabelle Gavalda, NAO Design Trend
Followed by conferences and presentation moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions and Yuting Sun, Beauteam.

16h10-16h40 : “Marie Dalgar: Help Chinese ladies find their own unique beauty”
Conference by Masa Cui, Founder & General Manager of Marie Dalgar

16h40-17h00 : “The Make Up Artist point of view”
Presentation by Lao Hei, Chinese Make Up Artist

17h00-17h30 : “Carslan: a Living Classic style”
Conference by Rachel Wang – Marketing Director and Cici Li – Associate General Manager
– What is so specific about the Chinese market?
– What is your brand strategy in China as well as in South Korea?
– What are your latest introduction in Make Up and Skin Care in China?
– What do you expect from suppliers in China?

Thursday April 6th

10h15-11h00 : “Australia, the new emerging market in Asia Pacific?”
Round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions and Yuting Sun, Beauteam with the participation of brands representative of:
– Ere Perez, CEO of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics
– Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO & Founder of INSKIN COSMETICS
– Napoleon Perdis, CEO of Napoleon Perdis
– Sonia Amoroso, CEO of Self Care Corporation
Questions :
1. Introduction about yourself, your company, your products?
2. Tell us more about the Australian beauty market? Its specifics, its future?
3. What is the influence of Australia beauty in the Asia Pacific region, including California?
4. What is you strategy to develop your brand internationally?
5. What do you expect from formula and packaging suppliers?

11h15-12h30 : “Cushion compacts; the next generation, the next applications”

11h15-11h30 : Introduction by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration

11h30-12h00 : “Hera”, the success story two years later: What’s up after 100M Cushion Compacts
Conference by Jihyun Bae, Amore Pacific

12h00-12h30 : Round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions and Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration
With the participation of:
– Steve Kim, Pump Tech
– Thomas Hwang, Samwha
– Laurent Frydlender, Managing Director, Yonwoo Europe
– Gérald Martines, IN•SIGNES
1. What is the status of the Cushion Compacts in your company, several years after the first introduction? Is it still a fast growing business?
2. How do you see the evolution the Cushion Compacts in Make Up but also in other applications like personal care or even home care?
3. What could be next after Cushion Compacts? What are your future developments in this area?

14h00-15h00 : “What’s up in Beauty in China, Japan and Korea? Next trends?”
Conference by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration

15h15-16h00 : “Formulations: Make Up and Skin Care; Hybrids, a close encounter?”
Round table moderated by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration with the participation of:
– Junoh Kim, R&D, Intercos
– Sang Han, R&D, Kolmar Korea
– Judith Lévy, Business Unit Manager, MS Suisse Cosmetics
1. Can you introduce some of your latest hybrid product developments?
2. How do you see the color makeup evolution versus hybridation?
3. What about applicators? How applicators are moving towards new skincare usage?
4. How do you see the future of hybrid direction? Will makeup and skincare become one? How do you feel about consumer’s needs?

16h15-17h30 : “Indonesia, an emerging and promising beauty market”
Presentations and round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions with the participation of:

1. “Indonesia; a fast growing beauty market”
Presentation by Dina Kumara, PT Kemas

2. “Halal rules for cosmetic and beauty products?”
Presentation by Farhan Tufail, Halal Certification Service GmbH
According to EMERHUB, Halal industry in Indonesia is booming in recent years, thus companies’ demand in halal certification registration in Indonesia has also changed considerably. Alongside with the national aim to make Indonesia as the world halal hub, the industry is gaining its popularity day by day and opens up opportunities to halal product producers to expand their target market domestically and internationally. There are roughly 88% of Indonesia’s 250 million people being Muslim and the nation’s home to about 13% of the world’s Muslims, thus making it a good start for Halal businesses.
Round table questions:
1. Indonesia is a fast growing market, what about make-up and skin care consumption?
2. What is the importance of Halal regulations (Halal Product Assurance law) in Indonesia for formulation as well as for packaging?
3. How do you handle Halal regulations in your company for both import and export of make-up and skin care product