Innovation is golden

This year, it is on an “Innovation Tree” entirely covered with gold that will be presented, at MakeUp in Seoul, the 19 new innovative products selected by the Selection Committee, that meets at each MakeUp in…™ event. 19 innovations submitted by 12 companies out of the 23 who took part to this year’s big show and who presented a total of 46 products, a record!

In alphabetical order, laureates are: Albéa, Aptar, Asadal, Beauty Products, Bonne, Chromavis, FS Korea, Gotha Cosmetics, Intercos Korea, Red of View, S&P World, Strand Cosmetics, Yonwoo…, representing in total, 9 formulas, 8 packagings, 1 “Full service” and 1 make-up accessory.

A complete staging

Like last year, the staging of the Innovation Tree Products was entrusted to the set designers Jeanne Laplante and David Leprince from the Wildthing Company.

Volunteers and passionate about innovation, the six experts from the 2016 Innovation Tree Products Selection Committee were:

* Florence Bernardin, Founder of Information & Inspiration, an expert in Asian cosmetic and beauty products.

* Pauline Bonafous, Marketing Project Manager at the Creative Trend Forecasting agency, Carlin International Group.

* Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, founder and manager of Beautyworld Connections

* Jean-Louis Mathiez, Founder and Head of Cinqpats, an agency specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation.

* Luisa Oliva, International, Cosmetics consultant and an expert in formulation.

* Serge German, Director of the Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC or European Institute for Packaging Technology).