MakeUp in Asia [Seoul], the appointment of make-up innovation

The forthcoming MakeUp in Asia, which will take place in Seoul, as always looks, very promising! At the time of Korean spring, the very best of Asian make-up industry players will are going to meet once again at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul.
The call for innovation, launched a few weeks ago, as part of the event was also very successful.
No less than 33 products, from exhibitors taking part to the contest, were submitted to Jury members, be it in formulas, packaging, full service or accessories.
A total of twelve, five and sixteen products competed respectively in the formulation, full service and packaging categories. Industry players tried to outdo one another in ingenuity with the development of customizable, multi-functional, sensory products, with formulas incorporating always more natural ingredients of bases.
Two intense business days in Seoul during which visitors will be able to get an update on major trends in the make-up industry in Asia.

All the products of the exhibitors taking part to the competition were tested and evaluated by the Selection Committee of the 2017 Innovation Tree Products, consisting of the following experts we wish to thank for their involvement, most of whom were already members of this Committee last year: Florence Bernardin, founder of the Information & Inspiration Company, an expert in Asian cosmetic, beauty and well-being trends; Elodie Jolivet, International Communications & Export Business Development Manager of the trends, styles and Innovation Consulting Firm, Pecler’s Paris; Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, founder of the Consulting Firm Beautyworld Connections; Jean-Louis Mathiez founder of the Cinqpats Company, a firm specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation; Luisa Oliva, an International consultant in cosmetics and expert in formulation; Serge German, Director of the Ecole Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC) and Gerald Martines, founder and Manager of the consulting firm In.signes specialised in marketing and innovation for premium beauty products.

Following this evaluation, products selected as the most innovative will be presented on the Innovation Tree Products of the show with a setting designed and created by Jeanne Laplante, graphic artist and designer.

We wish to thank for their participation, the following companies: Albéa, Coson, Aptar, Englewood, FS Korea, Gotha Cosmetics, Intercos, NastriTex, Olive Packaging, Red of View, Strand Cosmetics, Taeshin Inpack, Unipack Korea, Zignago Vetro.

Asia: the new expressions of make-up (hybridization, natural & DIY)!

This will be the theme of the conference by Florence Bernardin, Information & Inspiration, on April 6 at 02:00 pm. More than ever hybridization and fusion with skincare allow make-up products from Asia to position themselves as products centred on naturalness but also health!

Pioneers in their field, Cushion Foundation products emerged from a totally new concept of multiple benefits products (whitening, moisturising, anti-ageing, UV protection) combined to a foundation formula and offering time-starved Korean women a very clever beauty approach. And according to a study published TNS Korea last June, today more than ever, with more, 54% of women, questioned who confirmed only using this type of foundation format.

Yet, while this product, – now in its 4th generation according to Amore Pacific –, is offered to address all the possible aspects of make-up (coverage, skin mattness and even colours), but it does not mean that it is the guarantor of a bright and radiant complexion.

However, this brightness and radiance of the complexion, is expressed today in Korea but also in China with these new “Tone up” Creams: thin, moisturising and transparent skincare creams, enriched with titanium and/or nacres delivering a quite amazing light effect. These “tone-up” whitening creams are putting the skincare segment in a stir with an immediate make-up effect but also by guaranteeing the necessary skincare benefits required for a beautiful skin.

This need for skincare and naturalness is also perceptible with the popularity of oil-based formulas: in a solid form to apply for a glossy effect on the face, coloured to twist Tint-type lip formulas with gloss and comfort, preserved in the powder and cream formulas of eyeshadows for a gliding but also skincare application on the eyelids.

Naturalness can also be found in make-up areas that give pride of place, in their formulas, to food ingredients, thus echoing this much needed balance driven by traditional medicines and based on the In&Out: one can apply topically ingredients that can be consumed. If it’s good healthy food, then beauty will benefit from it too.

Finally DIY, for “customazing” effects…, the new found pleasure of making-up that offers diversity and the possibility for multiple choice results. In Asia it is a real form of make-up liberalization. We can also notice the numerous options for packaging decorations available for cushion foundations or lipsticks in Korea, the diversity of applicators and blenders and of course all the new products, in the form of tubes but also palettes inspired by the world of painting to mix, create, play on the diversity of shades and results.

Make-up is really synonymous with pleasure for the consumer and an expression of his personality after so many years of rules and constraints.