MakeUp in Seoul 2016 in six weeks… the big debate!

Ten conferences and round tables, more than twenty five speakers. The two-day conference program scheduled at Makeup in Seoul on April 6 and 7 next, promises to be particularly rich. Among the highlights of this big debate, a particular emphasis on inter-influences in terms of color cosmetics between large countries such as China, Brazil, Japan and, of course, South Korea…. How do they influence one another? What lessons can be learned from the trends, emerging in these countries? A “consistent” program commensurate with the economic challenges proposed by the sector, also commensurate with an eternal sector, that of Beauty!

Every week we will give you a preview of the conferences you will be able to attend. In the form of a “Teaser”. A communication, which is only meant to catch your attention and make as many people as possible want to come to this third edition of MakeUp in Seoul. The following advice may be a well known one, but it still makes plenty of sense: “Register quickly…, places are limited!”

Korea, the country where innovation is forging on!

Wednesday, April 6 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, you won’t want to miss the fantastic story of Airless packagings! “The story of an innovative system which thoroughly changed the approach to packaging”.
A round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, CEO of Beautyworld Connexions, with the participation of Daniel Cha, Yonwoo; Thomas Hwang, Samwha; Gérald Martines, Qualipac.
Among topics addressed… “Will the current trend for Airless packagings for skincare and make up liquid formulations continue?”. “What will be the next application in Airless systems?”. “What will be the next Airless innovation developed by companies?”.


2016-120-taekDon’t miss either, on April 7 from 10:15 am to 11:00 am, the conference of Gyu Taek, Ph.D. Program Director for Embedded Software, on the theme: “Why local beauty brands dominate digital in Korea?” Korean brands certainly have the digital prowess for fast growth, based on L2 data. The Digital IQ Index®: Korea Beauty, which assesses the digital performance of 30 global and 34 local brands in the country, finds local brands are dominating the top rankings. Seven of the top 10 brands in the Index are Korean, with Amore Pacific having the highest Digital IQ of all conglomerates with brands in the Index, according to L2. L2 insights point to the digital gap between local and global brands in the country. Just 18% of local beauty brands in Korea offer no link to e-commerce (whether through an e-tailer or directly on the brand site) vs. 30% of global brands in the country. Online sales make up 9% of the Beauty market in Korea, on par with the U.S.

Get a grasp of tomorrow’s trends!

2016-120-bergThis will also be the theme, on April 7 from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm, of the conference by Antoinette van den Berg, trend forecaster and owner of Future-Touch, who will shine a light on multi-level future trends.
Now we are used to catch up with generic future trends for colors and textures in the cosmetic industry. In the new economy, where everything is linked to each other, the consumer will act differently, request more, on multiple levels, then we are used of. This means we have to face future trends on many levels, that go beyond just the right color and texture. In plus the consumer will have more label specific wishes (customized trend forecasting). What can we expect?
Trend forecaster Antoinette van den Berg owner of Future-Touch is specialized in trend forecasting and the translation of trends into innovation for the cosmetic industry. In this process Antoinette links the identity of a company with the future through innovative solutions given by production technology’s and renewed opportunities the future offers.