MakeUp in Seoul 2016: The “Future” of the Beauty World, Live!

In three months will open the third edition of MakeUp in Seoul at the Conrad Hotel. This gave, last week, to the organizing team the opportunity to present the show at a press conference at the Conrad Hotel, the venue of the event. As with the first two editions and while maintaining its “exclusive” character, MakeUp in Seoul is posting this year a 20% increase in the number of exhibitors, with as always a perfect balance between Korean, European and U.S. Companies. To note, for the first time a significant increase in Chinese Companies. As usual, Innovation will be the key word at Seoul during the two-days event. As you will see below, this will be the main theme of the different conferences and/or round tables that will punctuate these two days, with the rallying sentence being, “What’s new in Asia and on other continents!”

The central role currently played by Korea in the development of the beauty industry is now obvious to everyone. Located right in the middle of a Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong triangle, the country continues to make a name for itself, be it in terms of innovation, formulation or packaging. A particularly privileged geographic situation making the country very easy to access, which explains the growing number of registered visitors recorded annually at MakeUp in Seoul. And a strategic position that enables Beauty Korean industrialists to have direct access to the markets of its mammoth neighbors, including China, a country that continues to discover and enjoy the novel pleasures of making up. And this will be one of the main themes of conferences at this third edition of MakeUp in Seoul. China but also Japan and Brazil will be closely scrutinised by consultants and their guests.

Conferences: the program preview

Wednesday, April 6 – Morning


10:15 – 12:30 China : When make-up wakes-up
The consequences in make-up segment of the awakening of China

Round Tables moderated by Caroline Moulin, Nao Design Trends with the participation of:

– Tyler Sun, Regional Market Development Director B+H, Northeast Asia
– Elsy Li, Sales Director Assistant, Marketing Manager, Zhejiang Axilone Shunhua
– Cyril Ruiz-Moise, Chairman and General Manager, SGD Asia Pacific
– Thomas Weckerle, CEO, Weckerle Cosmetics
– with the participation of various chinese brands and make-up artists

Wednesday, April 6 – Afternoon


02:00 – 03:00 : “Airless, the story of a “Made In Korea” innovative system that deeply changed the approach to packaging”

Round-table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, CEO, Beautyworld Connexions, with the participation of:

– Daniel Cha, Sales Director, Yonwoo
– Jeff Linn, Sales Director, Hana Innovation
– Thomas Hwang, Samwha
– Gérald Martines, Qualipac

03:15 – 04:15 “China’s influence on the South Korean market and vice versa, in terms of consumption patterns (fashion, skincare, make-up)”

Roundtable moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, CEO, Beautyworld Connexions.

– The evolution of cross border beauty transactions in Asia and its impact on China’s domestic activity
– The influence of South Korean soap operas and pop music stars on Chinese beauty consumers
– Lee Kyung-min, Make-up artist.
– Eun-Sun Min, President and Editor in Chief, Fashionbiz

04:30 – 05:30 “How Seoul beauty and fashion consumers are starting to influence the world?”

Roundtable moderated by Florence Bernardin with the participation of various South Korean brands and make-up artists.

Thursday, April 7 – Morning

10:15 – 11:00 “Local Beauty Brands dominate digital in Korea, L2 Digital IQ Index”

Korean brands certainly have the digital prowess for fast growth, based on L2 data. The Digital IQ Index®: Korea Beauty, which assesses the digital performance of 30 global and 34 local brands in the country, finds local brands are dominating the top rankings. Seven of the top 10 brands in the Index are Korean, with Amore Pacific having the highest Digital IQ of all conglomerates with brands in the Index, according to L2.

L2 insights point to the digital gap between local and global brands in the country. Just 18% of local beauty brands in Korea offer no link to e-commerce (whether through an e-tailer or directly on the brand site) vs. 30% of global brands in the country. Online sales make up 9% of the Beauty market in Korea, on par with the U.S.

11:15 – 12:00 “Multi level future trends”
Conference by Antoinette Van den Berg, Founder / Art Director of TouchéToday and Future-Touch.

Now we are used to catch up with generic future trends for colors and textures in the cosmetic industry. In the new economy, where everything is linked to each other, the consumer will act differently, request more, on multiple levels, then we are used of. This means we have to face future trends on many levels, that go beyond just the right color and texture. Plus, the consumer will have more label specific wishes (customized trend forecasting). What can we expect? Antoinette van den Berg, trend forecaster and owner of Future-Touch will shine a light on multi level future trends.

Thursday, April 7 – Afternoon


02:00 – 03:15 “The way to deal with this 100 million consumer market?”

Roundtable moderated by Vincent Gallon, Chief Editor of Brazil Beauty News with the participation of several Brazilian brands, including Natura.


03:30 – 05:00 “What’s hot in Japan? How make-up is evolving to meet all the Japanese women multi-profiles, from the young … to the positively aging generations”

Roundtable moderated by Florence Bernardin, with the participation of several Japanese brands.