MakeUp in Seoul: In four months will take place the very first appointment dedicated to the make-up industry in Asia!

In just four months, on 13 and 14 March 2014, MakeUp in Seoul, the first event dedicated to the make-up industry in Asia, will open its doors. MakeUp in Paris, MakeUp in NewYork and MakeUp in Seoul, a winning formula! Manufacturers in this sector were not mistaken. Main ambition of this new Asian edition, become “THE” main annual event in the make-up industry for the whole Asian region.

At the centre of make-up innovation

It is true that Korea and its capital city Seoul fulfil this role perfectly. This country, as in many other areas has become in a few years time one of the global nerve centres for the development of make-up. Situated between powerful and very populous countries, Korea, with about fifty million inhabitants has managed to make the most of its natural advantages in the field of make-up. First with a female and even male population which take extremely good care of itself. Koreans women are known to spend many hours in front of their mirror in the morning and evening to carefully apply several products on their face. “Looking beautiful” is considered like a valuable asset to help face the day and evening events. Korean women strive “to look beautiful” but men are not far behind either in this domain. So much so that men are found in advertisements touting products for… “women”! But if make-up is an essential part of fashion in general, Korea has probably become the country in Asian, where words like “fashion, “trends” have a huge public impact. So much so that hundreds of onlookers from neighbouring countries come every week, not to say every day, to enjoy this intoxicating scent of a culture in turmoil. The Gangnam Style phenomenon and its somewhat quirky character, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, – whose internet video will remain one of the most watched in the world–, is actually just a detail among many others. Korea is fashionable, which is a good thing!

An industrial “phenomenon”

Industrially speaking, this country is also a phenomenon in itself. And the make-up sector is no exception. The Korean make-up industry, a tireless, creative but also sensitive and intuitive “worker”, with a natural inclination for work well done and not skimping on research, whether it be in terms of formulation or packaging, has managed to stand out in a few years. “The Italians from Asia”, as many call them, will have in any case won their spurs day after day, month after month, year after year. And it is a known fact! “Not a day or a week goes by, admit local industrialists, without the visit of a foreign team, of a big American, European or Brazilian make-up brand.” Even Japanese brands, not to mention, of course, the first well established and emerging Chinese companies, start paying a very close attention to this small country where its reputation for innovation and quality far exceeded its borders.

Seoul: Entire streets dedicated to make-up and skincare!

And you have to stroll in one of the famous streets of Seoul, the famous Nyeong Dong Street, to not believe your eyes! Dozens of shops owned by dozens of Korean brands (there are more than 250 here!) where crowd almost all day and night, hundreds of female and male consumers, eager to try a new lipstick, a foundation or an eyeliner. It is hardly believable!

How, in such conditions, not be compelled to organize MakeUp in Seoul? The first edition will take place at the Conrad hotel owned by the Hilton group. A splendid venue as usual, very well located with regards to the main communication axis and to the international airport. A venue which equals to the level where Korean people place their make-up industry, that is, very high!

All the elements required are available to make of this event a great success…. Dynamic and innovative manufacturers, consumers hungry for novelties, a country open to the outside, very hospitable and visitor-friendly, and always positively stimulated by competition… Exactly the scheme that forged, is forging and will continue to forge the long-term success of MakeUp in Paris, MakeUp in NewYork and now MakeUp in Seoul.

MakeUp in Seoul – March, 13th & 14th, 2014

Conrad Hotel – Seoul – South Korea