MakeUp in Seoul in less than two months! 12 conferences…., 19 speakers…, 2500 participants expected!

Many of the key global issues concerning Colour Cosmetics will be addressed at the next MakeUp in Seoul, due to open its doors on 25 and 26 April next. The number of registered visitors is already up 15% compared to last year at the same date. A fifth edition which will take place in a particular economic context. After the heydays of the 2010/2016 period, Korea’s spectacular momentum in the make-up market has experienced a sharp slowdown last year. Tensions with its northern neighbour and global repercussions, especially with China, have had a significant impact on sales of Korean brands to their powerful neighbour, not to mention subcontractors who also suffer the brunt. Meanwhile, Japan, its equally powerful neighbour pulled out all the stops to snatch some market shares. The kick-off of MakeUp in Seoul will therefore happen in a timely manner! With the political thaw on track and to get going again, Korean manufacturers are being twice as imaginative in terms of formulas, packaging and accessories.
This situation will find illustrations in many of the twelve conferences on the programme.
Register now… the number of places is limited!

Conferences & Round-Tables


Wednesday April 25th


10h15 – 11h00 “The Future of Beauty 2019”
Keynote by: Charlie Clark, Trend Specialist at WGSN MINDSET
On this occasion, WGSN will share:
– 5 Big Ideas that will shape the beauty consumer landscape for 2019
– Cosmetics Future Trends: looking at the essential directions on key colours and texture to inspire product development in 2019
– Asian Beauty: the next must-know trends coming out of Asia including Japan and Korea
– Natural Beauty: exploring the ways natural beauty will renew the codes of the beauty industry


11h15 – 12h00 “The future of the K-Style and K-Beauty – The point of view of the experts and influencers on how South Korea will influence the future trends”
Round table moderated by: D.K. Tché, Creative Director of Milimage, with the participation of representatives of internet brands and journalists such as:
– PAEK Jisoo – Beauty Director of VOGUE Korea
– HWANG Minyoung – Beauty Celebrity, Ex Beauty editor of ALLURE Korea
– JUNG Nayoung – Instagramer, Beauty Cartoon Artist
– PARK Jinho – Founder of Beaus Company


13h00 – 13h45 “Is K-Beauty still trendy and its impact on the industry? – The opinion and industrial strategy of third party manufacturers (packaging & full service)”
Round table moderated by Charles-Emmanuel Gounod, Beautyworld Connexions with the participation of representatives of third party manufacturers such as:
• Anna Dato, Asia Strategic Marketing Director at Intercos
• Cécile Tuil, VP Communications at Albéa
• Naok (Esther) Hwang, Senior director of Overseas sales at Kolmar
1. How important is the Korean market for your company? What are your current or future investment in Korea, if any?
2. What is your view about K-Beauty? Is it still trendy?
3. What does it means for you in terms of product development (formulas, packaging, full service)?
Followed by Q&A with the audience.


14h00 – 15h00 “How Internet and Social Media are influencing the Beauty Industry and how K-Beauty is Influencing the Western Markets”
Three short presentations by:
– “The rise of K-Beauty brands in Western markets – What are the main success factors”.
By Leila Rochet Podvin – CEO & Founder of Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation
– “The e-commerce revolution and understanding Amazon and Alibaba game changing model” By Eric Briones – Co-founder Paris School of Luxury and Author
– “From K-beauty Brands influence in USA, UK and France to the rise of Korean Influencers according to Tribedynamics” By Conor Begley, Co-Founder of Tribedynamics
Followed by a round table moderated by Leila Rochet Podvin with the participation of Eric Briones and Conor Begley


15h15 – 16h00 “Global retail 2018 overview: Best Practices and Trends”
Conference by Elizabeth Marq, founder and director of Visual Merchandising Trends followed by a testimonial from a Korean brand.
On this occasion, Elizabeth Marq will share her view and experience in retail about how to use the power of emotion ….and create an “emotional experience”, how to create story telling ” uniqueness” as well as “sublime experiences”


16h15 – 17h00 “The rise of K-Indie Brands – How new Millennial Entrepreneurs are changing the face of Beauty in Korea”
Presentations from key brands representatives followed by a round table moderated by D.K. Tché and Leila Rochet-Podvin with Korean brands executives such as:
– Kim Han Kyun – Founder/CEO of Papa Recipe
– Park Jungmo – Founder/CEO, Me Factory, Merzy


Thursday April 26th


10h15 – 11h00 “Make up trends in China E-Commerce”
Conference by Crystal XU, Senior Insight Analyst at MINTEL APAC.
Mintel will be covering the e-commerce trends for the colour cosmetics/make up sector in China, looking at top selling brands on the e-commerce channel, their innovative products and how these brands relate to the broad Chinese consumer trends in the colour cosmetics/make up sector.


11h15 – 12h00 “COLOR WAVE by BEAUTYSTREAMS: 2019 Color Trends for Asia”
Conference by Lan Vu, CEO of Beautystreams
Nowadays there are so many choices. There’s an abundance of beauty and fashion trends in the air. How to make sense of all this and apply it to your business? Get a preview of the new COLOR WAVE project by BEAUTYSTREAMS. In a unique collaboration between MakeUp in and BEAUTYSTREAMS, the initiative is created to address these questions: What’s the key colour direction for next year? How will it be reflected in my region? As colour cosmetics gain ground in Asia, brands and consumers will be looking for the next colour trend statement. Join BEAUTYSTREAMS CEO Lan Vu as she shares her company’s forecast methodology and colour findings for 2019.


13h00 – 13h45 “ECOCERT, inspection and certification body for sustainable development”
Conference by Valérie Lemaire, General Manager of ECOCERT Greenlife part of Groupe ECOCERT


14h-14h30 « Beauty and the New Muslimah »
By Chen May Yee. Chen is APAC Director of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence’s Innovation Group.
Her trend report, “The New Muslimah: Southeast Asian Focus” looks at how young Muslim women are simultaneously more religious than their parents as well as more cosmopolitan as consumers, and how this is reshaping sectors from food to fashion to travel to beauty. Chen is a seasoned journalist with more than 20 years covering business, health and consumer affairs.


14h45 – 15h30 “The Cushion Saga – what future for this great K-Beauty success-story ?”
Conference by Gérald Martines, IN•SIGNES,about the history and present state of the Cushion category.


15h45 – 16h30 “Will J-Beauty overpass K-Beauty ?”
Florence Bernardin, general Manager of Information & Inspiration, Asian cosmetics markets specialist will highlight through trends and products how J-Beauty & K-Beauty are different but complementary . She will show how one exists thanks to the other one , how the two match with consumer’s needs and expectations from all over the world.