MakeUp in Seoul in two months….. two days of makeup in… novations!

Highlight of the conferences that will enliven the two days of MakeUp in Seoul, high technologies and innovation, with a programme centred on Connected Beauty, “the 3D Revolution, the over – protection of products. Nothing unusual… for a country at the forefront in all high-tech sectors and where innovation is part of a culture and philosophy revolving around progress. A reputation that has largely crossed the borders of this small country of only 50 million inhabitants regularly visited by consumers and manufacturers from all over the world, the first coming from China and Japan during every weekends, the others from Europe and the United States several times a year, in their quest for the new product!

Meetings that will take place, of course, at MakeUp in Seoul… We can be sure of that! Kian Feyzgiu, General Manager of Gotha Cosmetics, Amaury de Menthière, CEO of Geka, and Pierre Miasnik, CEO of Fiabila look forward to seeing you there!

MakeUp in…™: The Asian Beauty market is still recording an important growth. What do you see as your main strong points to be successful in this competitive market?

Kian Feyzgiu: As an Italian company, Gotha Cosmetics remains one of the most innovative businesses of the contracting sector. We offer state-of-the art research and technology that is appreciated and respected in our industry and clients. Furthermore, our customer service and innovation standards are highly recognized. Even though Korea today leads the trend market in Asia, Italy still remains the cradle of fashion and creativity. Made-in-Italy is a trademark, which is recognized worldwide, and has also proved its expertise in the cosmetic industry.

Amaury de Menthière: Our main strengths to differentiate ourselves are technology and patents.

Pierre Miasnik: Fiabila has operations in Japan where we established a subsidiary in the country fifteen years ago. We work with all major Asian brands in the area. We offer unrivalled technological advances in the field of nail polish and, above all, we have the industrial capacity to meet local demand, and this, also for large volumes. All this at competitive prices. Who can top that?

MakeUp in…™: You have an international presence. You therefore have a global vision of the evolution of demand at an international level. In your opinion, what main criteria characterize the world’s four major markets, which are Europe, North America, South America and Asia?

Kian Feyzgiu: Responding to this demand is part of our DNA, and our capacity to adapt and predict the right products and strategy is our strength.

Amaury de Menthière: In Europe, there is a potential for development. Interlocutors exist, competition is important, the markets are stable but growth is weak. In North America, market growth is stronger than in Europe, the marketing strategy is more focused on branding than on operations. Full service is gaining importance and old brands need to reinvent themselves. In Asia, the market is difficult. It is mainly in the hands of local industrialists, local brands are growing faster than brands coming from western countries. The market is even more difficult to penetrate from Europe if you don’t have production unit locally. In addition, there is always the risk of being copied.

Pierre Miasnik: It’s very easy to get the full picture! Just keep in mind the following figures… Between 2013 and 2016, the growth of the nail polish market in the US will have finally dropped by 9% while in Europe, it will have increased by 13%, in South America by 21% and Asia by 17%. We operate on all four continents to the satisfaction of our customers. They are sure to be delivered on time and with top quality conditions. With, in addition, the input of our talented teams in terms of creativity.

MakeUp in…™: What do you think 2015 will be like in your field, in Europe, the Americas and Asia?

Kian Feyzgiu: Over the last few years, Italian exports of cosmetics have increased dramatically- in 2013 alone, it was over 34%. This is also thanks to a rotating economical equilibrium managed by the four main global areas. Both Asia and South America have recently proved their legitimacy in cosmetic imports, due to increasing consumer purchasing power and “old world” brand interest and habits. Due to the economic crisis, European and American Brands have been forced to invest and rebrand themselves in order to spark consumer interest and needs, which have noticeably changed in recent years. They are particularly focused on innovative products, and have a strong interest in alternative natural ingredients. The European and American markets have shown signs of economic improvement and the cosmetic industry is part of the ongoing growth that will continue in 2015. As for Asia, the cosmetic world has come to look to this area as an example of innovation and business development; 2015 will be no exception in this forecast. All markets alike will continue to show interest in innovation and new technologies to respond to consumer behavior and new life styles.

Amaury de Menthière: The year is starting better than the end of 2014. The United States should grow better than Europe, while Asia should see its growth slow down. But it is difficult to make forecasts, it also depends on the number of launches.

Pierre Miasnik: We will achieve a very good year in Europe with major new projects. And in spite of a declining US market, Fiabila will record positive growth rates on this continent thanks to its strong industrial and commercial presence. As for Asia we are strengthening our structure in China after having opened a new conditioning plant in Japan and the inauguration of an extension to our factory in India last December.

MakeUp in…™: The concept of full-service seems more and more present and desired. Do you agree, and if so, how do you adapt to this situation? What are the advantages and possible drawbacks?

Kian Feyzgiu: Brands that prefer full service normally do it for obvious financial and time to market reasons. We are able to provide a faster and flexible service than their own internal teams. Which is the main challenge in today’s competitive market. This requires ongoing structural and financial improvements and excellent standards that already characterize us today. The draw backs are enormous, keeping in mind that “full service” was born just as an added service to our customers, it has now become potential liability and threat to the relationship with our customers if something goes wrong.

Amaury de Menthière: I agree with you concerning this surge in full service. Actually, we have integrated filling operations.

Pierre Miasnik: Full Service? We have been involved in it for the past thirty five years! So we know what we’re talking about! As you can imagine, constraints are becoming stronger and stronger. To cope with this situation, we have to implement heavy procedures and industrial means that mobilize a lot of our time, staff and industrial capacity.

MakeUp in…™: You exhibit at almost all the “MakeUp in…™” trade shows. In a few words what, do you believe are the key strengths of these events?

Kian Feyzgiu: Trade shows are the social business cards of B2B companies today it allows us to establish strong and reliable partnerships. Face to face meetings allow us to present our new technologies. When you attend various shows globally you also spend a lot of resources in targeting your product for that specific show. That’s why the outcome of shows are even more important, it tells us if we’ve been on target as far as the new trends and Technologies presented.

Amaury de Menthière: The main advantages of this formula, the cost, the speed to set it up, its flexibility, the venue at the right place, the presence of colleagues and, of course, the presence of customers!

Pierre Miasnik: It is very important for this concept to remain focused on our core business, which is make-up, with as a priority, formulators and then the rest of the industry. This is one of the strong points, among others, of this event that has proven, year after year, on every continent, its professional positioning.


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