MakeUp in Seoul Innovation Tour Product

New event dedicated to innovation and trends, the “Innovation Tour Products” was successfully launched among the exhibitors of the MakeUp in Seoul 2015 with more than 26 products nominated, with the most innovative of them being to discover at the show.

Initiated to promote the innovation of exhibitors at each of our events, the Innovation Tour Products offers exhibitors an opportunity to present up to three new products in the areas of formulation, packaging, full service and accessories.

The most innovative products are selected by a committee of experts

For MakeUp in Seoul, a total of 26 products were presented to the committee of experts of the Innovation Tour Products, consisting of:
– Florence Bernardin, founder of Information & Inspiration, a market research agency specialized in Asian cosmetic and beauty products.
– Hélène Capgras, manager of Brain for Beauty for the Martine Leherpeur Conseil, agency specialized in creative business planning for the luxury and beauty market.
– Charles -Emmanuel Gounod, founder and manager of Beautyworld Connections.
– Jean-Louis Matthiez, founder and manager of Cinqpats, specialized in cosmetic packaging innovation.
– Luisa Oliva, International consultant in cosmetics with an expertise in formulation.
– Serge German, director of the Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging (ESEPAC or European Institute for Packaging Technology).

The committee met for the first time on February 13, 2015, to evaluate with great attention and interest the new products taking part to the contest, in order to select the most innovative ones. Innovation was evaluated under different aspects: technical, industrial, aesthetic, and marketing.
Results after numerous exchanges and discussions: 14 award-winning products! We take this opportunity to thank all the members of the committee for their participation and commitment.

14 winning innovations to discover at MakeUp in Seoul

Brands, distributors, suppliers, journalists, speakers… all the visitors to MakeUp in Seoul will be able to discover the 14 award-winning innovations at the “Innovation Tour Products” area in an original and exclusive setting.

A big thanks also to the following companies: AXILONE, BARALAN, BONNE, COSON, EASY POWDER, FS KOREA, GEKA, GOTHA COSMETICS, IL COSMETICS, INTERCOS, and LF BEAUTY for their contribution to the success of this special event.