MakeUp in Seoul… Levels never reached before for a first edition!

There is a lack of superlatives to describe this first edition of MakeUp in Seoul. Exceptional, unique, wonderful, a number of visitors never reach before for a first edition with more than 1,800 visitors in two days. Everyone will long remember, this first MakeUp in Seoul. “We must first congratulate the Korean and international exhibitors who followed us in this new adventure,” declared the organizers at the end of the show. “Congratulate and thank them for their enthusiasm in the preparation and presentation of their products at their stands. Everyone was fully involved to make of this very first edition a true success. Many thanks also for the active participation of the Amore Pacific Group who had wished to actively and enthusiastically support this first edition of MakeUp in Seoul by staging its make-up artists and its products and by contributing to the success of the evening organized on the first day. Many thanks also to all those – whether individuals or teams – who participated directly or indirectly to this first “super” MakeUp in Seoul. A big thanks, finally, to the two make-up schools, Soobin Academy and Hera Academy who contributed – thanks to their students’ work – to make of this event a moment of celebration and fun.

Enthusiasm and professionalism!

From 10 am on March 13 to 6 pm on the evening of March 14th, visitors haven’t stopped flowing in. Two words come to mind to describe the atmosphere during these two days: “enthusiasm and professionalism.” “But not only that!” Insisted Sandra Maguarian and Jean-Yves Bourgeois, the show organizers. “Not surprisingly, there is clear evidence, that the level reached by Korea, in a few years time, in the field of make-up innovation, in terms of formulation and packaging, is a reality. Hence, the organization of a new “MakeUp in” event in this country was fully justified. The Korean industry is undoubtedly pulling the global make-up industry upwards and the German, Italian, French exhibiting companies, among others, who chose to take part to this first MakeUp in Seoul, were able to take full advantage from this driving force.” Interestingly, this first MakeUp in Seoul not only garnered the attention of Korean make-up brands, but visitors from Japan, China and also Indonesia, Australia and Europe did not hesitate to make the trip to attend the two–day show. After the exhibition had closed its doors, only one certainty was in everyone’s minds: “See you next year!”