MakeUp in Seoul: The event at the heart of the event

On the 12th and 13th March 2014, the Conrad Hotel will host MakeUp in Seoul, a trade show displaying nine conferences and round tables. Experts will share their thoughts and knowhow on the beauty industry and about make-up in particular. From general market trends to product innovations, our panel of experts will paint a picture of the current make-up industry.Hélène Capgras will open the talks, revealing what’s behind the mythical Parisian beauty. Paris is and remains a captivating inspiration for the beauty industry. Hélène will tell us more on the Parisian approach for make-up, from catwalks to major players and street styles, to key looks, products and trends.

Later, a round table led by Damien Dufresne (make-up artist) and Florence Bernardin (expert of the Asian market), will highlight the synergies between skin-care and make-up, each taking the attributes of the other — skin-care becoming the essential base for make-up, and make-up carrying more values for beauty and skin care. A view on two overlapping sectors!

Eric Fresnel, will then tell us more on lipsticks trends, and on how the innovations launched by Sleever International will answer the current needs. Colour, iridescence and glossy finish, 3D and special effects are becoming the key elements of their new lipsticks. This conference will be an opportunity to get a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes of lipstick conception.

And what if we could understand the future of the beauty market thanks to ten years of brands equity analysis in Europe, America and Asia? Philippe Jourdan, from Promise Consulting, will draw the lessons learned from the international market research his firm conducted. Is the Asian market comparable to the European or the American market? Is there an advantage of being international or regional? A make-up brand only or generalist brand? Is working from a “haute-couture” approach a key to success in Asia? Philippe will give us his perspective on these questions and show us the key levels of differentiation in the make-up market (uniqueness, brand image, etc).

Demand for applicators in all areas of make-up (lips, eyes, face) is increasing, and pressure on innovation is fierce. Jean-Louis Mathiez, expert in cosmetics’ innovations, will lead a discussion with key suppliers, and will try to answer a few questions: is formula driving innovation within the applicators’ field? Is performance the driver of innovation (touch and feel, precision, dispensing ability, etc.)? And what about the marketing attributes of the applicator (equation with brand image, influence purchase, etc)?

On the second day, BeautyStreams will give us their expert look at make-up trends for Autumn/Winter 2014 referring to the fashion runways, adapting the season’s main catwalk trends into product implications for the Asian consumers.

These nine conferences will be an important display of innovation, and we will also look at intellectual property to know how to protect the creations. François Klein & Matthieu Bourgeois, lawyers for KGA, Paris, will help us to industry.

Then, to close the debates, Florence Bernardin will give us a snap-shot of the Asian market in comparison to the European market to outline the general trends. Although the make-up routines can be the same, the expectations for end-consumers are totally different from one continent to another. Florence will lead us into a journey through Asian and European make-up routines to identify time spent, social codes, focus on foundation vs on eyes etc. The first looking for more perfect looks, the latter looking for more natural looks.

With these conferences, MakeUp in Seoul wishes to offer new understandings for its visitors and open the door to new possibilities.