MakeUp in Seoul: they are unanimous!

A few days after MakeUp in Seoul closed its doors, they are unanimous! Expectations were high and have not been disappointed. Quality of exhibitors, quality of visitors, quality of products and quality of the event in general, are the words that come up most often. Statistics on “visitors” show that this edition was truly an “international” one from the start, since 25% of them came from abroad with a high proportion from Japan and China, but also Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and even Australia. First testimonials just after the event….Amore Pacific

“Congratulations on the success of MakeUp in Seoul which was really the showcase of the development of make-up products in Asia, particularly in Korea but also in China, Japan and, in general, of the whole region. We are very satisfied with the result and organization if this prestigious event in Korea. We thank you, you and your team for the passion you instilled in that event.”


“The show was very qualitative and attractive with high quality visitors; the meetings we add with main players in the Korean cosmetic industry were very successful. A very welcoming event also and well designed to meet the needs of exhibitors and offer them a pleasant and confortable working environment.

Congratulations for a well-deserved success!”

Ancorotti Group

“MakeUp in Seoul was a success as usual with a very good quality of visitors. The format of this Business to Business event is confirmed and fits perfectly the expectations of visitors and exhibitors in the make-up industry.”


“The MakeUp in Seoul show was a great exhibition, and it is awesome. It was more successful than we expected. We met many professional people, and made new businesses in this time. Globally Korean market is booming in the beauty industry with Hanryu; thus, a lot of global companies pay attention to Korea, and they were deeply impressed by the conference on the Korean Innovation Cosmetic. MakeUp in …™ is getting bigger, special and professional. We are also growing with the MakeUp in …™ shows, and we are already expecting the next exhibition, MakeUp in Paris. Come and meet us there. See you in June!”


“Congratulations of the successful MakeUp in Seoul. You and your team did a great job and we are happy to attend this show. Visitors’ record is much better than other shows.”


“It was a wonderful show for us and thanks for your preparation and help on this show. Great job!”

United Brands Marketing

“We are overwhelmed with how big of a success MakeUp in Seoul has been. It is extraordinary how many premium clients attended, since it was the first time for the exhibition to take place in Korea!

But just as in every other fair of theirs, the Beauteam has yet again managed to create a wonderful atmosphere – perfectly balanced between relaxed and commercial. They set up the ideal mood to get in contact with the numerous, wonderful clients and develop new business relationships.

It has been a great experience, getting to know the Korean market at this very special encounter and we could not be happier with the follow-up business – MakeUp in Seoul has truly been a success and we are looking forward to coming back in 2015!


“Congratulations on your successful hosting the participants and the visitors!

See you in Paris.”


“We really appreciated what you did on MakeUp In Seoul. We think it became already a great great show for Beauty & Make-up not only in Korea but also all over the world. Congratulations…..!!! You did it….!!”


“The Alkos Group is pleased to see it was right, once again, to have trusted the team and the concept.

A first entry into the Asian market through the door of MakeUp in Seoul, and we already have orders! We’ve never seen that before! See you next year! When is the next MakeUp in …™?”

ABC Texture

“Thanks the whole team for this event. We will be there without hesitation next year!”


“You guys did a fantastic job! Everybody should be happy!!

Congratulations. Thank you very much!”

Hwa Sung

“Yes you did it!! We are VERY proud of you!!! I think among the 3 shows, Seoul was the best!!! For Exhibitor and visitor ! Great hotel, good price, also shopping.

Again thanks again for organizing such a great show in Seoul!!!”

Gotha Cosmetics

“It has been an amazing show! The amount of work, expertise and dedication you have put behind the show in such a short amount of time is really impressive. Thank you again and see you in Paris!”


“Thank you to you and your team. We love it. See you soon!”

Pum-Tech Korea

“We liked the show very much and it was very good moment for our company. Thank you for your support and devotional efforts.”

Schwan Cosmetics

“Seoulista – LOVE it! Thank YOU – We had a really attractive booth.”


“Good show, it is good to see it in Asia.”

Weckerle Cosmetics

“Our expectations in MakeUp in Seoul were well overachieved and we are looking forward to returning next year”


We were really happy to participate in this exhibition with your team.

See you again at MakeUp in NewYork.”


“Thanks to a flawless organization, the MakeUp in Seoul show went perfectly. For the conferences, there was a large and passionate audience. We saw blooming the Korean high-tech trend in the field of traditional cosmetics. An appointment not to miss next year…”

Art Cosmetics

“Very well organized as usual and… lots of interesting visitors!

I think your format is by far the best. Well done!”


“Thank you for the warm welcome, I want to express our satisfaction for our participation in the “MakeUp in Seoul” exhibition

The purpose of our presence was mainly to have a better and mostly, a direct knowledge to the Korean cosmetics landscape and to win and meet potential clients interested in our articles. The result was satisfactory with eventually, 28 visitors during the two days of the fair, which we hope will soon turn into orders. Finally, we would like to congratulate ourselves, including your teams for the perfect organization of the exhibition, all points of view considered.”


“It was a really awesome show. To be honest, I did not expect that much successful.

You and your team’s choice were correct. I hope MakeUp in Seoul show will get bigger and stronger.”


“It was a real pleasure to participate to this first MakeUp in Seoul and on behalf of Geka team I would like to thank you for offering us this opportunity. It was e real hive of activity in a nice professional and friendly atmosphere. Congratulations for the great organization and the quality of the people you managed to get together for future mutual growth. Let’s keep up!”


“Thank you for the possibility to visit the show. It was saturated with interesting products, offers and ideas. We really admired excellent organization of the event. One really feels as if they attend a cocktail party – elegant, effortless and stylish. We are sure the show is going to grow in the coming years. Where else should it be organized if not in the heart of innovation – Korea!”


“It is always exciting to see what’s being done abroad by discovering the latest trends and products that make the buzz.

Congratulations for a great organization, both in terms of the diversity of suppliers and the quality conferences!”

Strand Cosmetics

“We were thrilled by this first edition of MakeUp in Seoul: the excellent level and diversity of exhibitors and the quality of conferences – particularly relevant from all points of view – impressed us very positively. We learned a lot about this burgeoning and specific market, and were able to exchange efficiently with the many visitors that we met at the show.

This exhibition clearly appears as a must, and convinced us that we had a role to play here, therefore will participate as exhibitors at the next edition!”

Samhwa Pastic

“It was the most successful Make-up show in Korea not only for domestic business but also International business. And it was even 1st edition. How great it is. This show will be one of the most famous exhibition in Asia and Samhwa will be the best partner with MakeUp in Seoul’s team. We highly appreciated the team.”