MakeUp in Seoul: They can’t wait to meet you in April!

In exactly 3 months, we will see you all at MakeUp in Seoul, the 15th & 16th April 2019 at the Conrad Hotel!
And yes… it is a long wait but fear not! We have so much news to share with you. First, the registration is open and you can ask for your invitation now. Secondly, the Local Color Tour program is ready and will be sent to you all shortly.
And finally, we asked our exhibitors what new products they were planning to reveal during the show and let’s just say… It’s going to be amazingly colorful!

Have a look at some of the projects geared to the Korean market that will leave you wanting more!

Our teams are thrilled to take part in the next edition of MakeUp in Seoul to present Albéa’s range of beauty packaging including the SP22 Panache Pulse spray pump: the first airy, gently enveloping spray on the market. Albéa’s SP22 Panache Pulse spray releases an extremely fine mist, making the application soft on the skin and enriching consumers’ beauty routines with a new gesture. Especially relevant for care products, SP22 Panache Pulse reveals the full qualities of water and oil-based skincare formulas.

Albéa takes this opportunity to spread the word about the latest circular economy developments such as refillable lipstick and fragrance packaging, bio-based and Post-Consumer Recycled Tubes and Foam bottles. This goes in line with Albéa’s recent entry into the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment along with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

MakeUp in Seoul is the best place to learn all about K-Beauty trends which will soon take the beauty industry by storm. We cannot wait to hear more about Skip Care and newly recommended simplified and more performing beauty routines. MakeUp in Seoul is also a place where retailtainment comes to life, a place where a leading beauty packaging provider like Albéa has a very special occasion to come closer to its customers and initiate discussions on the interaction final consumers have in the point of sales with brands’ products.


As always it will be a strong mix of revolutionary innovations, with a stronger push on novelties from our Korean lab, and futuristic trends forecasting the new idea of beauty impacting on 2020/21. We believe that clean beauty is going to be a very strong paradigm for the industry and Intercos is strongly committed to make an impact.

Our Korean company is fast growing, accelerating both in makeup as well as in skincare and supporting the growth of our Chinese company. Even though there are many external factors that are by now creating a difficult moment for the Korean beauty industry, we still believe this country has an unique culture of innovation, with strong creativity.

This fair has always been a very vibrant mix of local and international brands, from Europe and US but now there are new emerging markets that are going to take a relevant role in Asia specifically India and the South East Asia area. Since we are expecting the growth will be coming in the next year from those markets I think it will be interesting to see if K-Beauty is going to be relevant also for them.


Quadpack has many new products to present during the show. New to Quadpack’s range is our first wood Makeup collection – Youwood. Comprising of compacts, droppers, sticks & tubes, Youwood seamlessly integrates wood with our existing Q-line products to deliver a new approach to colour cosmetics packaging.

The Korean market’s dynamic and fast-paced nature presents us with a terrific opportunity for Quadpack Wood. Wood is premium, distinctive and tells a story like no other material, making it a perfect fit for a cosmetics market at the forefront of innovation.

To reinforce Quadpack’s existing relationship with Korean customers and further promote our brand and product innovations to the leading players in the industry.


RED OF VIEW is attending MakeUp in Seoul expecting to meet interested and selected visitors worldwide and from Korea and other Asian markets in particular, having the opportunity to create high level contacts.

As a matter of fact, according to the major global market researchers Korea, is forecasted to have in the next years a huge increase in the make-up market, that is to say great opportunities to develop new business partnerships.

At the same time this market appears very challenging due to the high quality and high innovation of the Korean products but we are confident that the RED OF VIEW great expertise in R&D and the Made in Italy know-how will be able to offer something unexpected and astonishing for the Korean market such as for example the RED OF VIEW unique Mascara enriched by GRAPHENE, for which the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to the two researchers who performed the first experiments on this innovative material in 2004.

This Mascara is really unique not only because of the uncommon properties of GRAPHENE able to boost the product performances but also because RED OF VIEW has the WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE license to use GRAPHENE for eyes make-up products.


Axilone has many new projects to present during the show : new stock and deco on lipsticks packaging for instance.

For Axilone, the potential in Korea is great : offering kinds of lipstick packaging with high quality to many cosmetics brands in Korea.

What is Axilone expecting from MakeUp in Seoul ? We can find some potential customers and market trends of make up industry.