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The next MakeUp in Seoul in a few weeks will exemplify perfectly the current shift of the make-up industry sector towards an increasingly ‘triumphant’ full service. The various interviews that you read in the past few weeks and the views today of Romualdo Priore, Strategic Marketing Director at Chromavis, John Kwon, Consultant for Cosmecca and Bernard Citroen, CEO of IL Cosmetics further confirm this underlying trend. The landscape and the power relations within the industries of formulation, packaging, accessories and even of POS are changing profoundly. And it is certainly in Asia where this change is the strongest. It is at MakeUp in Seoul where it will be the most visible. An appointment to which you are invited by the key stakeholders of this industry! An appointment not to be missed!

MakeUp in…™: The Asian Beauty market is still recording an important growth. What do you see as your main strong points to be successful in this competitive market?

Romualdo Priore: Referring in particular to Korea and Japan, first of all we think that the technology has a strategic importance in these markets but it needs always to be supported by the European creativity.

John Kwon: The Korean beauty industry is very responsive, competent and passionate. To become leaders on the global market, we create and constantly look for new ideas and new products to create. We want to mark our time with our footprint in terms of creativity. To achieve this we need to strengthen partnerships between us and the various international market players.

Bernard Citroen: Our main strength in the Asian beauty market is undoubtedly our ability to anticipate needs through ongoing efforts in terms of innovation. Our expertise and constant presence in the field allow us to meet the specific demands of this market.

MakeUp in…™: You have an international presence. Therefore you have a global vision of the evolution of demand at an international level. In your opinion, what main criteria characterize the world’s four major markets, which are Europe, North America, South America and Asia?

Romualdo Priore: Regarding Asia we can underline 2 different aspects: the technological aspect on one side, especially in the Japanese and Korean market, and, on the other side, the expansion in new markets where a lot of companies are trying to arrive. The South American market is a new market that desires to evolve towards a European vision of the product. In North America, on the East coast there is a consolidated market with strong brands with a global footprint, on the West coast instead there are a lot of emerging brands that are becoming stronger.

John Kwon: We are already living in a globalized world, but at the same time the regulatory pressure on our companies isn’t weakening. For this to work, a harmonization of regulations at a global level is necessary. Unfortunately this is not the case and we find ourselves faced with various, changing and inappropriate regulations.

For us the criteria that characterize each continent can be summarized as follows:
Europe: Luxury.
North America: Diversity.
South America: A booming market.
Asia: innovation.

Bernard Citroen: In general, in the main markets around the world, we are observing an emerging trend towards ever higher quality products, with real proven performances. On the other side, despite the fact that our society is often describe as a “global village”, the adaptation of products to each market is essential. In times when customization is omnipresent, the beauty industry is no exception and this is where our expertise comes into play in each geographic area.

MakeUp in…™: What do you think 2015 will be like in your field, in Europe, the Americas and Asia?

Romualdo Priore: In Europe we are present with our Headquarter and centres of excellence, in the Americas we are expanding with new production platforms while the Asian market for us is a strategic observatory for technological advancements.

John Kwon: I can only speak about Korean and obviously our country is attracting more and more attention, as a result our products are often copied. The price for success.

Bernard Citroen: 2015 will be for the nail polish industry a year with a declining growth, just like 2013 and 2014. However, we are already noticing some signs of recovery in some markets, such as in the United States. In this type of context, brands tend to focus on product effectiveness and much less on the multitude of effects, as can be the case in times of growth.

In this constant search for quality and technological innovation, the Asian market will be much more likely to increasingly rely on the professionalism and R&D capabilities of European suppliers.

MakeUp in…™: The concept of full-service seems more and more present and desired. Do you agree, and if so, how do you adapt to this situation? What are the advantages and possible drawbacks?

Romualdo Priore: The full service is a strategic point for us. Chromavis has already created a structure able to assure a complete supports to clients. We have a dedicated Packaging division able to respond to this growing request for full service.

John Kwon: We totally agree with you. This is why more and more full service companies are created and become fully fledged partners of the sector. They have the resources to support a brand on the way to success.

By becoming global, they will be able to extend their global reach. But brands will need to compete on the Marketing site.

Bernard Citroen: Full Service is increasingly present in our sector. This turnkey service enables our customers to get the products technical constraints off their minds, to concentrate on the activities they master best such as marketing and communication. They benefit from our expertise across all the links in the chain of creation of a product: R&D, packaging, logistics and marketing.

MakeUp in…™: You exhibit at almost all the “MakeUp in…™” trade shows. In a few words what, do you believe are the key strengths of these events?

Romualdo Priore: The diversity from other fairs is definitely a key point for all the «MakeUp in…™» trade shows. We appreciate three key aspects: the fact that there is a real “aesthetic democratization” between all the booths, the choice of strategic cities for all the expositions and finally the “small size” of these exhibitions suitable for a BtoB Company both for the spaces and for the number of expositors.

John Kwon: The main strength of these events is to enable us to meet key players and understand them, to find together the way to success.

Bernard Citroen: You could qualify MakeUp in…™ trade shows as human scale events, with excellent quality standards, and now enjoying a global reach.

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