MakeUp in Seoul wins unanimous support on its relevance

In three months MakeUp in Seoul will open its doors at the Conrad Hotel. Once again the concept of this targeted and unique professional event has met with unanimous support from all players in the make-up industry. Many testimonials have been sent – and keep coming in – from all corners of the globe expressing satisfaction about this initiative. Korea, the country par excellence for innovation, fashion and make-up in Asia, was the right choice.Mrs. Lee Eunim, Vice President, Make-up Value Division, Amore Pacific

“I can’t tell you how delighted I am with this initiative to create MakeUp in Seoul! Everyone knows, of course, that Korea is the most dynamic country in the world regarding make-up innovations, and that our group, Amore Pacific – for Asian consumers–, is the one at the heart of these innovations. MakeUp in Seoul represents for us a great opportunity, for both consumers and professionals, to introduce innovation and experience on the Asian continent.”

Philippe Thuvien, Packaging and Development Director, L’Oréal

“Korea is one of the most dynamic countries in Asia in terms of Cosmetic Packaging Innovation. A “MakeUp in Seoul” is a very exciting opportunity to showcase relevant make-up innovations targeting Asian consumers.”

Chong Chul Kim, Executive Director, Samhwa Plastic

“Do you want to be more creative? Then you have to experience the Korean Market. Please visit “MakeUp in Seoul” in Korea which is one of the leading market in beauty business. There will be no regrets!”

Dario Ferrari, President of the Intercos Group

“We are excited to be part of the first ever MakeUp in Seoul. It will be a unique opportunity for Intercos to present the latest technology and trends in cosmetics to one of the most innovative, creative and beauty-driven markets in Asia.”

Mrs Kim Eun-Hee, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Hwa Sung Cosmetics

“Very happy to have a MakeUp in Seoul show in Korea. Korea I can say, in terms of Cosmetic Market, Distribution structure, Retail system, Products, final consumer is totally different from any other Countries. It will be Such a Great chance to come to Korea to do Business at the show, get a new fresh experience from the out of the show.”

Mrs. Nicole Masson, Vice President, Global Product Development, MAC

“The Korean beauty industry has been a fantastic incubator of trends, for both fashion and technology, for the past few years. Just look at BB! MakeUp in Seoul will allow you to discover the next trends.”

J.K Hwang, President, FS Korea

“Seoul is a dynamic City and leading global markets in various fields of the cosmetic industry. A MakeUp in Seoul will attest innovative products and opportunity to get through biggest future markets in the world. Seeing is believing.”

Thomas Weckerle, CEO, Weckerle Cosmetics

“We are confident that MakeUp in Seoul will be the right platform for us to offer turnkey products and leading innovations for color cosmetics to the brands and market, thus accelerating our business within the Asia Pacific region.”

Daniel Saclier, Prospective & Development Director, Guerlain

“The combination of one of the major cradles in packaging innovation, Korea, and what is now a major relay for make-up innovations, the “MakeUp in…” concept, should achieve the rapid success expected by professionals from Asian brands.”

Jerome de Premare, Vice President Sales & Marketing, GEKA GmbH

“For GEKA as an international company and innovation leader in the field of application systems for color cosmetics it’s key to be in Korea in order to support our customer’s growth in a sustainable way.”

Mrs. Florence Lefeuvre, Sales, Marketing & Communication Director, Alkos Group

“We are delighted to support this first edition of MakeUp in Seoul and to showcase our various make-up innovations to the Korean actors who appreciate the guarantee of quality products Made In France.”

Mrs. Ivonne Kohen, Director, United Brands and Marketing GmbH

“In terms of beauty care, enhancing your natural features, there is no commitment like the Korean one. Their abandonment outgoes any other – inspiring us to create new unique and innovative products, especially mated to the demands and requirements of the formidable Korean market. We are looking forward to add our own trademark to this multifaceted encounter of cosmetic lovers!”

Mrs Louisette Bourdin, President and Owner, ABC Texture

“South Korea is a fast moving country in Asia and important in various fields, including cosmetics. Attending “MakeUp in Seoul” is ensuring to meet the make-up professionals and expose its innovations in a demanding market . A French innovative and make-up exporter company must participate to this event.”

Boris Cavlina, Marketing Director, Gotha Cosmetics

“Korea is a fascinating and uprising market. Its pulse, its culture, its vibe, its vibrating colors showcase an unbelievable sense of lifestyle that empowers and inspires all of us to think outside the box. MakeUp in Seoul will be an extraordinary event that will capture the essence of the future innovations that will truly make a mark in the cosmetics industry.”

Mme Britta Franke, Vice President Sales – Asia Pacific, Schwan Cosmetics

“MakeUp in Seoul is an exciting next step for the MakeUp shows. It is an outstanding opportunity for the cosmetics industry and will become a very important “must attend” event for the vibrant Asian market. We are looking forward to presenting our innovation and news to a broader customer base in Seoul.”

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