Seoul: participants are unanimous…, a unique moment!

This is something we will never be tired of, the satisfaction of participants in the various MakeUp in…™’s that take place four times a year on four continents! But this second edition of MakeUp in Seoul will remain in the history of this event as “THE” reference for many witnesses, exhibitors and visitors alike. Simply incredible! An average of 56 visitors per exhibitor! Compared to other world events in the Beauty industry, the world record is smashed! A record that will be hard to beat except, perhaps, by another MakeUp in…™! To be continued. In the meantime, why not ask again in the comments that have reached us, including those of Mr. Jörg Karas, Managing Director of Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics; Mrs. Eun-Im Lee, Director, Hera Division; Mr. Dario Ferrari, CEO, Intercos; Mr. Eric Bouvier, CEO, Strand Cosmetics Europe; Mr. Gérard Raymond, President, LF Beauty Ltd, and many others whom we thank.

This second edition of MakeUp in Seoul was undeniably a real success. The number of pre-registered visitors two days before the start of the show already suggested it, but reality will have even surpassed these first indications. More than 2300 visitors in two days for a second edition…, simply unheard of! And especially visitors coming from 26 countries!

26% foreign visitors!

This will remain as one of the most striking fact. Nearly a third of international visitors including first, the United States followed by China and Japan. The entire world, or almost, will have wandered for two days in the aisles of the third level of the Conrad Hotel in Seoul. They came from Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, but also from Brazil, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Kuwait, Malaysia and even Serbia.

Testimonials that speak for themselves


We consider the 2015 MakeUp in Seoul show a successful event and with a great progress from the previous year. The show generated many interesting and qualified contacts up to CEO level from key players in Korea and other countries. Looking forward to seeing you in Paris and New-York now!

Congratulation again for the success you achieved with the MakeUp in Seoul show! This year the show was really great for us with valuable customers, especially Chanel, Benefit, L’Oréal etc. I would like to thank all the customers who made the trip to Korea to visit us at the show, also special thanks to the entire MakeUp in…™ team. We are so proud of this MakeUp in Seoul show gaining evermore in quality and becoming a prestigious show.

The show was a good one and typically in the tradition of the MakeUp in…™’s: focused, efficient and business driven. We were very satisfied with the quality of the people we met at our stand and not only from Korea but also from all over the world. We got both qualitative and qualified contacts over the 2 days. It reinforced our strong belief that today’s trade show formats have to be condensed and affordable.

It was really a good show for us. We believe that Tradition is «Make new things, learn from old things”.

Thank you for all your support at MakeUp in Seoul. MakeUp in Seoul this year was very successful: because there were more exhibitors from not only Korea but also from the USA, Europe, China, etc and visitors from global markets. Thanks to the various conferences, lots of attendees could see the future trends on packagings, formulas, full service and it was a great opportunity for all the people there. Again we believe that MakeUp in Seoul next year will be even bigger and a very attractive show for companies in this business field in Asia, USA, Europe, Latin America, etc…

It was such an amazing show and I hope we can have more shows with you guys! Thank you for all your efforts for the show, and we are so excited to move forward with our new potential customers!

We thank MakeUp in Seoul for the opportunity we had to show Korean and Asian markets how and why our pressing ribbon is where a compact masterpiece begins. Huge thanks for everything and see you in Paris.

Many thanks for the perfect organization and as always your friendly and generous welcome… It was a pleasure !!

It was a pleasure to be in Seoul and our whole team enjoyed the perfect organization of the event. We received good feedbacks from the team.

We are happy to hear both that the MakeUp in Seoul was very success in both its numbers of visitors and participants to these conferences and also it was a very meaningful experiences for us.

The event is becoming unavoidable…

It was a great pleasure to participate for the second time to the “MakeUp in…™” trade show and I’m really happy I could make this very modest contribution to this well deserved success! Congratulations for a flawless organization.

The success of this event greatly depends on the quality of its organization, its size, its format, and its market specificity… Bravo! And congratulations to you all!

We want to thank you again for inviting us to MakeUp in Seoul and congratulate you on the progress made! It has became even more international over last year and we had a lot of very positive feedback from our Korean and international clients (exhibitors and visitors) about the event.

Thank you for this very positive feedback that we actually checked out for ourselves. We have been operating in this segment, we know very well, for the past 25 years and although in its infancy, your show is already very qualitative and very promising. We were delighted to take part to it. Our tools undoubtedly attracted the interest of brands as they help them sell their products, so we had excellent contacts and we wish to thank you for choosing our company, a leader in this segment.

Congratulations to the entire team for this great Show! We anticipate that next year you should have sixty exhibitors. Meanwhile, it has become obvious to everyone that Seoul is the city of make-up and that MakeUp in Seoul has become the reference trade show for make-up in Asia. Congratulations! Today it’s easy to say it was obvious! But two years ago…?

Bravo to MakeUp in Seoul.

The Make Up in Seoul Show became one of the key events which helped people discover the booming Korean Cosmetic industry. We really appreciated for giving us a good opportunity to participate and introduce our company to global customers, too. We are looking forward to meeting you in the next events and will expect you doing active work in it. Thank you again to you and your team for all your involvement…

We’ve enjoyed joining “MakeUp in Seoul” and had a good experience there thanks to you. Hope we can be there again next year!!

This second edition of MakeUp in Seoul has been a success, handled with remarkable professionalism by the Beauteam team, and highly appreciated by Fiabila.

The great success that this second edition of “MakeUp in Seoul” recorded was also reflected at our Company. In fact, compared to 2014 visitors, the ones that visited our stand this year increased by 56%. We had the opportunity, as we had wished, to make our production further known on the Korean market and to meet several new potential customers: that’s an amazing success! All the above was made possible not only because of the growing Korean Cosmetic market, but first of all because of your organization, always very accurate, attentive to each exhibitor’s specific needs. In this usual atmosphere of kindness and professionalism.

It was a great pleasure to participate in our 2nd MakeUp in Seoul last week! We had valuable time with our clients in this superb venue. What a delight to be in Seoul and have the sights, sounds and cosmetic trends surrounding us. Thank you again for organizing a truly wonderful event for all.

It was great to be able to go to the show. We loved the quality of the vendors, and we had many good meetings. The busyness of the show kept the meetings very efficient, which we all liked.

Congratulations for this second successful edition of MakeUp in Seoul. See you next year

The exhibition was very interesting as we met many important brands with a worldwide footprint. In total, we met more than 40 customers with good potential business opportunities.

For us, it was beyond our expectations

It is at Seoul that is found the greatest synergy between cosmetic formula developments and packaging. Silos at last are breaking and the MakeUp in…™ organizing team knows very well how to highlight this synergy in a spirit of strong creativity

We enjoyed the exhibition in Seoul as we expected. It was great for us to see so many people. I have witnessed the growth of the show and its fruitful results.

MakeUp in Seoul created a fantastic and highly efficient opportunity for Schwan Cosmetics to meet with make-up professionals and numerous local as well as international brands to discuss the industry’s trends and show our latest product innovations. Moreover the guest speakers and conference provided a great share of interesting topics for fruitful discussions, which continued even after opening hours. Thus, the MakeUp in Seoul has again proven its importance for the cosmetics industry in Korea and on behalf of Schwan Cosmetics, we sincerely thank the MakeUp in Seoul team for creating this inspirational and rewarding event in one of the most exciting make-up markets worldwide

This show suits us very well. It allows us to discover what is sought by fillers and marketing teams in the cosmetics sector. We appreciate your organization. Bravo. Good luck.

Thank you very much for your hard working to set up this great show. It was very helpful to us.

The show was great. We made many contacts with top Beauty brands due to our BeautiLock™ innovation. Some brands had numerous people coming to the show. There was strong interest and samples have already been sent to those clients. There were smaller brands that attended too and overall we were very happy with the outcome of the show. We stayed in the booth with the nonstop traffic that we had at the booth…

Korea is currently Asia’s most “fashionable” country, garnering the attention of a large number of international brands wanting to learn. This explains their strong presence, at the show. Medium-term future is obviously uncertain. It is also important in this context that China continues its “love story” with Korea… Anyway, as the saying goes “So far so good.” We are quite certain that Intercos Korea will exhibit again next year at MakeUp in Seoul.