Winners of the competition organized by the Korean Association of MakeUp Artists will be given centre stage next week

Organized by the Korean Association of MakeUp Artists, the final of the great annual competition singling out every year the best of them, will be one of the highlights of the fourth edition of MakeUp in Asia next week in Seoul. A final preceded by two qualifying rounds, organized last November and which will enable to recognize the top three best competitors out of the 20, initially participating. Ms OH Se-Hee, President of the Association tells us more…


MakeUp in…™: Since last year your association was granted authority to deliver the national diploma of MakeUp Artist, which was officially set up by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour.

OH Se-Hee: Indeed, this national diploma of MakeUp Artist, which was created last year aims to deliver an officially recognized diploma to previously trained candidates and thereby enable them to become fully fledged professional make-up artists, either by integrating a company or by creating their own business. This national diploma, created by the Ministry of Employment and Labour, is granted four times a year. To this end and to take the exam, students must follow courses, either in professional schools or in academies. The exam consists of two sessions, a written test and a practical test. To get the diploma, students of course must pass both tests.
The first results are very encouraging. Cumulatively, year on year, a total of more than 20,000 candidates took the written tests. More than 13,800 passed the test. And a total of more than 10,400 candidates took the practical tests. Out of which, 4,943 were granted the diploma. Note that our association also organizes training sessions focused on Public Health particularly intended for beauty salons. The Ministry of Health remains very strict on this point and organizes regular controls.

MakeUp in…™: What about the 4993 students who successfully passed the exam?

OH Se-Hee: A majority of them found a job as MakeUp Artists in large companies operating in the Beauty sector, both in Korea and abroad.

MakeUp in…™: Concerning your own association, what are the themes of the competition you organized, the winners of which will be singled out next week at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul during the MakeUp in Asia trade show?

OH Se-Hee: The competition took place in two phases: in a first phase participants had to reproduce on a mannequin – as would do real professionals MakeUp Artists – the specific make-up identity of a major Korean brand of their choice. In the second phase, they had to represent the trend called “Flapper Look”, which was in fashion in the 1920s: Women with a “tomboy” look, with their bobbed hair topped with a cloche hat and wearing short skirts, dark makeup, and a dash of dark lipstick on the lips…, etc. Competitors were asked to draw their inspiration from this trend while updating it to present times. Finally, the third and final exercise consisted in performing a makeup using and combining ten Pantone colours.

MakeUp in…™: How will be organized the competition next week, at the MakeUp in Asia trade show at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul?

OH Se-Hee: A first round will single out 20 candidates divided into two groups. Then a second round will single out 10 candidates. Finally, six candidates will be selected for the final.