With the brand HERA, the Korean group Amore Pacific, partner to the next MakeUp in Seoul, creates the “Seoulista”!


The famous brand “HERA”, a longItime leader in K-Beauty which belongs to the Amore Pacific Group, now delivers the special, unique blend of KIBeauty through “Seoulista”, a woman who, like the Parisienne and New Yorker before her, stands as an icon of the future and new era, and is a source of endless inspiration for HERA. The “Seoulista” phenomenon is a Korean woman who captivates the world with her confidence, dignity, boundless passion and beauty. Overview with Mrs. Lee EunIim, HERA Division Director.

Lee Eun-im

Lee Eun-im

MakeUp in…™: Where did this idea of building the “Seoulista” concept around Korean beauty come from?

Lee EunKim: HERA, the beauty brand leading K-Beauty, has signed a title sponsorship contract for Seoul Fashion Week with Seoul Design Foundation. Under the terms of the contract, Seoul Fashion Week will have the official title of HERA Seoul Fashion Week for a year.

This first ever title sponsorship of Seoul Fashion Week in its 15 year history is drawing considerable media attention, particularly given that the collaboration between two beauty leaders – HERA representing K-Beauty and Seoul Fashion Week for K-FASHION, will create great synergies and increase international recognition of Hallyu (Korean culture).

At the Seoul Fashion Week, HERA unveils various marketing campaigns introducing K-Beauty with backstage makeup support for every designer featuring at HERA Seoul Fashion Week to introduce consumers and the industry to the trendy makeup style of Korean women.

10 promising designers chosen for the Seoul’s “10 Soul project” of Seoul Design Foundation present a special collection themed around Seoulista, the beauty ideal of HERA, and the inspirational beautiful Korean woman enlightening the world.

Seoulista is a byword for the passionate, trend-leading Korean women recognized worldwide for their singular beauty and it will also be given to the New Designer Award organized by the HERA Seoul Fashion Week.

As a leader in K-Beauty, we are glad to work with K-FASHION leader, Seoul Fashion Week, amid the growing global interest in Korean beauty and fashion. Through this partnership, HERA makes a definite contribution to presenting the beauty of Korean women to the world.

While many global companies are active in supporting and sponsoring the top four famous fashion weeks of the world – New York, London, Milan and Paris – the official sponsorship of HERA, a K-Beauty leader, brings the HERA Seoul Fashion Week to a whole new global audience.


MakeUp in…™: How can this “Seoulista” Korean woman be defined?

Lee EunKim: She is an attractive woman who stands out with real presence wherever she goes. She has a natural and well-honed instinct to see beyond beauty and fashion trends to create her own, inimitable style with her sense of beauty.

She is professional. She has a sophisticated manner and good sense. She does well at her job and makes rational and informed decisions. She is a people-person actively engaged in building up relationships. The centre of her life is none other than herself. She is the only arbiter of her life and never looses confidence or dignity.

Seoulista is the muse that embodies HERA’s ‘Exceptional Beauty from Seoul’. She is a byword for a beautiful woman who not only represents Korea, but also stands as a beauty icon who contributes to a differentiated culture that goes beyond beauty brands to spread it all over the world. HERA delivers the beauty, value and special charm of the Seoulista, the beauty messenger creating and leading trends in Asia.



MakeUp in…™: As a result you created a complete line of make-up products….

Lee EunKim: You are right, we introduced a make-up style that transforms elegance to a fierce look in a single touch. Here are a few examples:

The 2015 Fall/Winter makeup trend for Seoulista is a natural healthy skin. It is a look that shows the natural skin rather than covers up skin imperfections using base, foundation and concealer. Use Hera Age Reverse Cushion on dull areas, like around the nose and under the eyes, and perhaps the centre of the face. Even, smooth skin texture and bright, fresh skin complexion full of life takes the skin’s beauty to a new height.

A complete example, with the Age Reverse Cushion C21, (face contours); the Shadow Holic 4d No.6 Brown (eyelids and lower lash lines) then the Eye Designer Pencil No.79; lightly sweep Face Designing Bronzer over the cheeks. Dot and blend Rouge Holic No.214 Cherish Coral on the lips for a bright, vibrant look. Apply Nail Enamel Color No.125 Pink Minuet on the nails.


In this season, the key to Seoulista’s lip makeup is ‘fierce allure’ but with a creamy textured lipstick with the strength to build stay-true color as it glides on the lips. Hera Rouge Holic will drench your lips with colors like Camellia Orange, Supreme Pink, Delight Red and Urban Burgundy.

Smoothen skin texture and complexion using Age Reverse Cushion and lightly sweep HD Perfect Powder No.02 Air Pink over the face to create a sleek, bright and flawless skin. Apply Shadow Duo No.11 Natural Brown lightly across the lids and use Cushion Liner No.1 to draw long, sharp lines past the outer corner of the eyes. Draw the lines under the lower lash lines up to 1/3 and then fill in the waterlines with Easy Styling Eye Liner No.79 Black. Using light strokes, gently brush Face Designing Bronzer over the outer edge of the face for contouring. Define the lines of the lips using Easy Touch Concealer No.02 Natural Beige and put on Rouge Holic No.315 Camellia Orange from the inside outward using the lip brush. Run the lipstick against the lips once more to enhance color and long-wear and thus, complete a defined one-point makeup with fuller lips.

Seoulistas’ professional lives are full of confidence with a high spirit. Their unique style tinged with the latest trend is fierce and yet elegant. Blending of different shades of pink lipsticks adds a chic edge and the lip color alone shows their charisma. Their lips have the flow of Seoul. Hera Rouge Holic Liquid, giving intense color with a single touch, is an all-round player to express the beauty of confident Seoulistas.

Create a dewy glowing skin using UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture No.21 Cool Vanilla. Blend Shadow Duo No.3 Pink Romance over the eye lids. Line the upper lash lines and extend it a little past the outermost corners of the eyes using Cushion Liner No.1 and draw the lines up to 1/3 of the under lash lines. Use Shadow Duo No.3 Wine Velvet to blend the black line along the under lash lines. Then add color to both cheeks using Face Designing Blusher No.1 Eternal Pink. Saturate the lips with Hera Rouge Holic Liquid No.207 Sweet Coral by lightly tapping it with your fingers and create gradation from the inside outward using Hera Rouge Holic Liquid No.122 Passion Pink for voluptuous lips. Apply Nail Enamel Color No.154 Vintage Violet on the nails and then No.171 White Veil on top of it.

Seoulistas know how to express their emotions using colors and through their eyes, they will shine brighter at the end of the year. Because they have Shadow Duo in natural colors – beige, pink, coral and brown combined with shimmering pearls. A play of pearl particles on the eyes with a single touch brings the mind to the city of glam, Seoul.

Spread a thin layer of Magic Starter No.02 Inner Glow over the face to create a moist, smooth skin and use HD Perfect Foundation No.17 Pink Beige for flawlessly perfect skin. Add soft glow to the cheeks using Face Designing Blusher. Run Creamy Stick Shadow No.5 Orchid Organza right above the eyelids and blend Shadow Duo No.10 Iris like you’re drawing long lines along the lash lines. Sweep Shadow Duo No.12 Grape along the lines once more for sharp and yet enticing eye makeup. A touch of Shadow Duo No.10 Iris on the under lash lines will give brightness to the eyes. Use Eye Designer Pencil No.79 Black for perfect definition of the eyes. Color the lips with Rouge Holic No.147 Supreme Pink and apply two coats of Nail Enamel Color No.168 Fancy Purple for mysterious appeal.