At MakeUp in SaoPaulo in a week from now! Techno-science and Beauty, what are the implications for your brands?

Advances in life sciences, enhanced body, humans are screened from every angle by medical research. Our emotions are analysed and rationalized. 4D printing opens new avenues for great opportunities in the years to come. In the long term, the cloning of vital organs is even considered! And of course there is transhumanism promising us exceptional life expectancy. In this context, Blanca Liane from the Research Agency Carlin Brasil will address the subject from a very specific angle: Beauty.


Not to be missed, on December 9 at 01:30 pm by Blanca Liane, Carlin Brasil

In times where beauty routines are becoming more and more technical and beauty, more and more medicalized, how can brands stay connected to their consumers? With the trend for connected objects Beauty has been given new gestures: anti-UV bracelets, portable skin scanners, beauty is stepping out of the boundaries of the bathroom. In parallel, the niche of medi-cosmetics is in full swing and the new generation of brands doctor is revolutionizing the skincare segment: high cosmetics have gone mainstream and are used daily.

What is around the corner? High tech personalisation!

In the f2015-carlinuture ever more personalisation is expected: hybrid formulas between skincare and advanced technology promise us customized solutions. Advanced technologies and second generation connected objects will also play a part: printing your personalised face mask from a smartphone, set up a “Ageing Map” of your skin to predict its changes… Finally, for demanding consumers, for whom cosmetics should always be enchanting, emotion and glamour will always have a place.

In this conference, Carlin will give you the levers to activate to position your brand strategy at the crossroads of major trends for innovation and beauty expectations.