Brazil has great expectations for MakeUp in SaoPaulo

Brazil was given a place of honour at the MakeUp in Paris event last June 18th. And for good reason, managers of Brazil’s leading beauty brands had all convened for a great afternoon of conferences in the presence of Mr. João Carlos Basilio da Silva, President of the Abihpec, the main association of the Brazilian Beauty industry. Their message to cosmetic suppliers was clear: Come over country, we need you! By 2019, the beauty sector will be the one enjoying the strongest growth in Brazil (63%), according to Mintel. On 8 and 9 December next, MakeUp in SaoPaulo will be “THE” appointment not to be missed.

Brazil represents 9.4% of the world consumption of cosmetics and ranks first on the segments of deodorants, fragrances and suncare products. Despite the apparent weakening of the Brazilian economy, the beauty and personal care market seem to be playing their card better than most of other segments of the economy. Cosmetics are the country’s most dynamic industry sector with a growth 3 times higher than the country’s GDP.

João Carlos Basilio da Silva, President of the Abihpec

João Carlos Basilio da Silva, President of the Abihpec

In the hygiene, perfumes, cosmetics sector (HPC), the make-up category continues to rank third in global consumption, representing 7.7% of Brazil’s cosmetics market with a homogeneous distribution of subcategories (nails 28%, lips 24%, face 24% and eyes 24%).

According to Euromonitor, the segment of lip products has jumped from 300 to $ 830 million between 2000 and 2014, 73% of Brazilian women use a lipstick or lip gloss. The nail care category experienced the strongest growth, from 117 to $ 974 million over the same period. 71% of women in Brazil have used a nail polish in the past six months. 571 million units were produced in 2014. The face segment (foundation, primer, blush) represented $ 817 million in 2014 with 150 launches per year. 34% of Brazilian women are looking for products that hydrate their skin and 38%, for products that are easy to apply. Mascara leads the eye segment with 38%, that weights $ 832 million, ahead of pencils/eyeliners 29%, and eyeshadows 22%.

32% of Brazilian women regularly wear makeup (source Mintel).

Table ronde sur le marché Brésilien avec la présence de : Helen Kupfer-Haas, H.K.H; Maria Paula Fonseca, Natura ; Almir Lim Nascimento, Ambassade du Brésil; João Carlos Basilio da Silva, Abihpec; Nazish Munchendach, Granado; Vanessa Machado, Quem Disse Berenice; Valeria Grossman, 100 degrés Brazil.


We need you!

In many ways, Brazil is and will remain for years to come, a country with a high potential for the cosmetics industry. Rather than engage themselves in a hasty global strategy, Brazilian brands prefer to be part of this local growth and consolidate their position supported by a stimulating international presence. A challenge, which they know is conditioned by innovation and with the integration of technologies from all industry partners. Their message to cosmetics suppliers is clear: Come over, we need you!

While the influence of established international service providers is already noticeable, each of the brands present calls for more options.

An invitation that also included some recommendations. “Brazil is a country of opportunities provided that you listen to people and share their values.”

João Carlos Basilio da Silva highlighted the growth prospects of his country in the coming years. By 2019, the beauty sector will be the one enjoying the strongest growth in Brazil (63%), according to Mintel. He added, “in recent years, our companies succeeded in interpreting our consumers’ expectations and this is how we became the first perfume market in the world. I have no doubt that ongoing innovation will also enable us to do the same in other categories.”