Brazil: make-up on the rise!

Despite an unfavourable economic climate, make-up in Brazil continues to rise slightly. It represented value sales of US $ 3.455 million in 2014 (against US $ 3.417 million in 2013) and will it should continue to grow slightly in 2015 (1). Make-up was given centre stage on October 5 at the third edition of the “Premiô ABIHPEC – beleza Brasil awards” ceremony organized by the ABIHPEC. The team of MakeUp in SaoPaulo had been invited to present the “Make-up” award to Mirele Augustinho Martinez, Make-up and Accessories Director at MakeB.

2015-10-02Brazil’s make-up market continues to rank third in the world and represents 7.7% of the Brazilian cosmetics market, with a homogeneous distribution of product categories. The nail segment historically dominates the market with a 28% market share, while each of the other categories represent 24% (Lips Face Eyes).

According to the latest surveys, the behaviour of consumers today is tending more towards make-up. Indeed, until now, Brazilian women were mostly looking for products directly related to the well being of their skin and make-up was often seen as superfluous. But with the evolution of products towards more efficient, lighter and more liquid formulas, Brazilian women gradually changed their minds to now rely more and more on make-up to perfect their look.

Innovation remains of course a major asset for brands. There is constantly this requirement for “long-lasting” natural-looking, high-definition, multi-effect products. In this tropical climate and with a population with very differing ethnic origins, brands need to be inventive to deliver products, with both care, a good definition and staying power. Lipsticks with a mat or velvet effect are still very popular and mascaras remain flagship products. Easy to use and practical packagings are increasingly sought by more and more knowledgeable consumers (2).

MakeUp in SaoPaulo, a guest of the “Prêmio ABIHPEC – Beleza Brasil”

The ABIHPEC awarded on October 5 and for the third consecutive year its Prize the “premiô ABIHPEC- beleza Brasil”. A ceremony that took place in the “Sao Paulo” Concert Hall, the largest in the state of Sao Paulo. A total of fifteen laureates were awarded. In three years, the number of participants to this contest will have increased by 120%. An award that encourages the capacity of innovation of the “hygiene, beauty, cosmetics” sector to make better products for the health, well-being and to improve the quality of life of Brazilian consumers.

Joao Carlos Basilio, President of the ABIHPEC also took the opportunity to pay tribute to Josineire Melo Costa Sallum, for her years of service at the helm of the ANVISA in charge of the regulatory data for the Brazilian perfume and cosmetics industry.

In the make-up category, the winner was the O Boticario Company for its MakeB Universe collection.

This collection was launched in 2015 and includes make-up items, but also perfumes and accessories.

The combination of colours and the final rendering were particularly appreciated, thanks to technical features and a new application enabling an incredible interplay of shadows and lights.

Invited at the award ceremony for the prize granted to Mirele Augustinho Martinez, Make-up and Accessories Director for MakeB, in the “Make-up” category, Isabelle d’Haussy, represented the MakeUp in SaoPaulo team.

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(2) Source Cosmetics & Toiletries