Export a Brazilian brand outside Brazil. The keys to success…

MakeUp in SaoPaulo – December, 4th at 3:45 pmBy Helen Kupfer-Haas: a consultant based in Paris, an expert in import-export in the world of perfume and luxury goods between France and Brazil.

Synonymous with sun, sensuality, healthiness, joie de vivre, Brazil also offers an emerging economy with a high growth potential and a middle class, which is a big consumer of cosmetics and make-up products.

Enjoying a considerable sympathy capital Brazil stirs one’s imagination compared to France’s gloominess. Brazil now enjoys a worldwide recognition, and the opportunity to build a brand with attributes associated to Brasilidade has become more important than ever.

A unique example of cultural mix in the world, the cult of beauty, an exceptional biodiversity. Three reasons for cosmetic and make-up players to take a close interest in this country.

How to translate these assets and take advantage of this real opportunity to set up a Brazilian brand in Europe? How to convert Brasilidade, the carioca lifestyle into a brand / product range and export?

What are the important areas in the trade of cosmetics between Europe and Brazil?

Keys, Codes and differences to make your brand attractive.

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