Hot in Paris! Inspirational products & trends for brazilian

Fashion edge & sunny looks are two inspiring angles for make up brands from Europe or Brazil as well ! This conference held at MakeUp in SaoPaulo on December, 3rd at 3:00pm will analyse the approach of french make up brands and the trends on the french market in these two area and what ‘s around the corner.

1 – Building a « fashion edge » : from selective to mass, how french brands cultivate a fashion approach to make up ?

French make up brands have built a strong specificity through working in phase with « Couture » influences, calendar and prestige. From the tradition of the « seasonal looks » to the new connections between catwalk and limited editions, how is this color authority established ?

Now that Couture has evolved into « fashion & trends », and that « new players » are showing up, coming from accessory ou ready to wear brands for instance, what are the new vectors of this « fashion mood ? What is now at the core of the connection between make up and fashion, is it a matter of color trending, of styling, of « it-packaging », and what can be inspirational for brands in other countries ?

2 – The « New Riviera » Spirit in Make up , What is the french way to « beach beauty » ?

How is the « beach beauty » approached by brands and what are the rising trends in sunny make up.

Couture & sun : from Chaldée to Terracotta, exclusive brands have always been inspired by « beach beauty », a guided tour of the iconic products and innovations. Blogger approach : french women are keen to polish the perfect « september » tan, what are the rituals, the tricks and the new influences in the « sun-kissed looks » of the trendy french girls.

A conference by Helene Capgras, head of Brain for Beauty, creative planning for beauty and luxury at Martine Leherpeur Conseil, Paris.

Consultant for beauty and luxury brands such as : Lancôme, LVMH Research, Dom Pérignon, Payot, Natura Brasil, Clarins, Symrise, Séphora, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton.

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