MakeUp in SaoPaulo: a good surprise!

With a number of visitors over the two days almost equivalent to the previous edition and an audience to the 14 conferences that exceeded 630 people, MakeUp in SaoPaulo, which took place last week, was a good surprise given the particularly difficult economic context.


Again, exhibitors were able to appreciate the quality of visitors and very “business-driven” contacts. A good surprise in a country that is settling a little more each day in crisis. According to the latest economic data, the unemployment rate is well over 11%, consumption and investments are at a standstill, not to mention the exponential increase in custom duties. The country is in a – 3.5% recession this year. And according to most analysts there is no hope for a recovery next year.
It is therefore in this particularly complicated context that this new edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo nonetheless welcomed key players in the Brazilian Beauty sector, most of whom, attended the fourteen conferences that marked these two days. With import taxes reaching peak levels, it is clear that few foreign manufacturers would risk entering the Brazilian market without previously setting up a fully-fledged industrial entity. This was therefore the case of most exhibitors to MakeUp in SaoPaulo, who all unanimously welcomed the holding of this new edition of an event now present in every corner of the globe. “The flow of visitors was steady and mostly of high quality” recognized all exhibitors, be they specialized in formulation, packaging or accessories.

The Granado Group with its flagship brand Phebo offered participants a ten minutes reflexology break to discover the Mediterraneo line and its hydrating creams. Some 400 massages were performed on the occasion. Granado, a partner of MakeUp in SaoPaulo for the past two years, has jumped from fifty references, 15 years ago, to more than a thousand today!

Conferences were particularly successful, with more than 630 attendees. Among key topics addressed: How to get out of the crisis through cost improvements, savvy supply chain and innovation. All speakers were convinced that Brazil is a great market and that it will recover in the future. Among key speakers, Alessandro Mendes, Director R&D at Natura and Nazish Munchenbach, Director Sales & Marketing at Granado and Phebo.


Congratulations and many thanks to all participants, to the thirty speakers to conferences and round tables, and to the ABIHPEC and its President, to the make-up schools, the Granado brand who all succeeded in making of this new edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo, a colourful event, allowing all members of the Beauteam team to close this year 2016 in style… A comment, among others, that of the officials of the Brazilian Company Adhespack summarizes well the dynamics of this new Brazilian edition: “For the second year in a row, we were delighted to see our Self Sampling Distribution System awarded and presented on the Innovation Tree…. MakeUp in SaoPaulo 2016 demonstrated that it had managed to bring together a quality public and it is asserting itself as a fully fledged event dedicated to the entire cosmetic sector. Congratulations on the organization and quality of the show. See you next year!”

Same feeling from the Abihpec managers which specifies it was a pleasure to be with you and your team. The show become better every year. Well done for the success, you can rely on the abihpec whenever desired. Well done for the organisation, precise the company adhespack. Thanks to all of you, for your support and this excellent initiative insit the manager of Arcade’s company.