MakeUp in SaoPaulo for the first time next December 3 & 4!

After Paris, New York and Seoul, it is now at the heart of Sao Paulo at the Renaissance Hotel that will take place for the first time next December, MakeUp in SaoPaulo. 85 million Brazilian women use make-up products every day and they are making a greater use of them! Several ‘flagship’ brands have experienced record growth in Brazil on the one hand by investing and by helping main distribution networks “upgrade”, particularly pharmacies (7,000 chain stores and 53,000 independent!) and on the other, by fully relying on the internet, which has become in just few years, one of the most popular information tool for Brazilian women. At the same time, a growing number of international industry manufacturers are establishing a foothold in the country.

Over 2.7 billion dollars! This is the most widely accepted figure for estimating the make-up market in Brazil. Quit enough to attract the attention of many companies. Two hundred million people among which one hundred million women, Brazil is more than ever at the centre of the development of the make-up industry in the world. And it’s not just Brazil. The entire South American continent is concerned with this development, with in particular frontier countries like Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina. And industry manufacturers made no mistake about it. In the space of two years, several of them decided to set up either, a marketing subsidiary, or a fully fledged production unit.

The power of the internet!

Today, the bulk of sales still relies on door to door sales, but other distribution channels are developing rapidly. There are about 7,000 chain stores and more than 53,000 independent. A network that several leading international brands have decided to invest systematically and successfully! There is also the power of communication represented by the internet. You should see the number of bloggers who express themselves, for example, on nail polish. Maybelline in Brazil now has over 300,000 fans on its Facebook pages. The potential is there. 85 million Brazilian women use make-up products every day and they are making a greater use of them! They are much better informed and have rising incomes.

MakeUp in SaoPaulo, finally!

The concept has proven its worth in Paris, New York and Seoul. It had become absolutely necessary to organize MakeUp in SaoPaulo. And, as usual, the organizers decided, in partnership with PremiumBeautynews, who launched a few months ago a Brazilian version of its website, to support the industry players in their development strategy on this continent.

See you in SaoPaulo at the Renaissance Hotel on 3 and 4 December for the first edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo.