MakeUp in SaoPaulo in four weeks: a unique make up appointment!

In little less than a month, the entire professional beauty sector will meet in São Paulo to review changes in the make-up sector in South America and more particularly in Brazil. As usual, a lot of animations, such as the one organised by the Granado Group, and conferences will follow one another during these two days dedicated to an industry that remains probably one of the most dynamic in the region. As a proof the fourth edition of the ABIHPEC Beleza Brasil Award Ceremony that took place a week ago in the prestigious São Paulo Concert Hall, an event to which the MakeUp in SaoPaulo team was invited and associated when the prize in the Make-up category was handed out .

2016-11-05In his opening speech, Joao Carlos Basilio, ABIHPEC Executive Chairman, stressed on the importance of this award to support initiatives. He wished to thank all the participating companies who, despite this unprecedented crisis, try to cope with it and are more creative than ever in terms of innovation, technology, communication and sustainability.

Eleven prizes were awarded in the “Products” category, a “Perfumer” prize (The laureate being a French perfumer, Sophie Truitard from Mane, who won the award for the LEGEND perfume) and three “Business” awards (sustainable development, Entrepreneurship and Company of the year awards).

Make-up in the spotlight!

In the “Make-up” category the three nominated Companies were the Avon Company for its new lipstick Ultramat, the L’Oréal Brasil Group for FIT ME, and the O Boticário Company for Make B, Urban Ballet.

2016-11-06The Avon Group has developed an extremely competitive matte lipstick, the result of two years of research. This high-tech, light formula combines a matte emollient to ingredients with a velvety texture to revolutionize the matte effect. This SPF 15 lipstick is easy to apply and does not run nor dry the lips. With its intense shades, offering hours of wear, it guarantees women the moisturization their lips need.

FIT ME from the L’Oréal Brasil Group is the first face make-up line (foundation, powder, blush, concealer) adapted to different skin types. Entirely developed in Brazil, products in this line are the result of research conducted on a panel of more than 1,000 women of Southern, South-eastern and North-eastern regions of Brazil with quality tests performed on more than a hundred of them.

With this wide range, the brand can meet the three main expectations of Brazilian consumers regarding their skin complexion: a perfect colour, a nongreasy texture, a natural matte effect.

As for MAKE B, with its new range Urban Ballet, the brand drew its inspiration from fluid fabrics, tulle, ribbons, to revisit the Ballet art. A total of twenty-one products were developed for the Brazilian woman, combining sophistication, strength and subtle elegance. A collection with many possibilities for bright and eye-catching looks.

2016-11-07Note that during this ceremony the ABIHPEC also wished to put forward the social responsibility project of the ABIHPEC Institute “De bem com você” (Beauty against cancer), a project that stresses on the importance of cosmetics as an enhancement factor to improve self-esteem in patients with cancer
Sixteen women walked on the podium to illustrate the importance of make-up to transform a person from the outside but also from the inside, thus making it possible to act upon the quality of life of thousands of women fighting their way out of the disease. .

A new “Relaxation” area at MakeUp in SaoPaulo offered by the Granado Group

For the second consecutive year, the Granado Group will welcome visitors at MakeUp in SaoPaulo in an area fully dedicated to relaxation. Visitors will be invited to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the area to relax with a hands massage or with foot reflexology and to discover the Méditerranée PHEBO range that stimulates senses and takes consumers on a genuine imaginary journey to the shores of the Mediterranean.