MakeUp in SaoPaulo in two weeks…, under the sign of innovation and relaxation!

For its fourth edition, MakeUp in SaoPaulo will once again take place in an atmosphere of innovation. More than twenty products were in competition and the most “innovative” ones will be hung and visible at the entrance of the show on the famous “Tree of Innovation”, a real mascot of the MakeUp in…™ shows across the world. A much awaited event by the South American beauty industry. Nearly 1,500 people have already registered to attend (they were 1200 last year!). To note, among the partners of this new edition, the Granado Group who will welcome visitors in a specially set up Relaxation Lounge.


A big thanks to all the industry professionals who will participate in this fourth edition and its famous competition on innovative products. More than twenty products were in competition this year, including three in the “Formulation” category, seven in the “Packaging” category, nine in the “Full service” category and one in the “Accessory” category. This week the jury of experts met to try and single out the most exciting and promising of them in these four categories, according to three main criteria: Aspects concerning texture and colour, the innovative features and the cosmetic added value. This year, the jury members all noted a strong trend towards the development of products incorporating more and more the Pack + Formula dimension for a smooth operating and a comfort of application. They also noted a greater specialization of application tools and formulas.

The “relaxation” lounge of the Granado Group

For the second consecutive year, the Granado Group will welcome visitors at MakeUp in SaoPaulo in an area fully dedicated to relaxation. Visitors will be invited to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the lounge to relax with hand massages or foot reflexology and to discover the PHEBO Mediterraneo range that stimulates senses and takes consumers on a genuine imaginary journey to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Five striking and bold fragrances make up this line: Sicilian lemon, Egyptian tuberose, Turkish Fig, Moroccan Cedar, Provence lavender. They are available in an exclusive range of ten products for the home, body and bath.

Packagings were the result of a collaboration with Anne Marie Hellies, a French designer. She drew her inspiration from traditional handpainted Azuléjos, an important medium for artistic expression in the region. The bright and attractive colours specific to the Azuléjos and Phebo products (blue, purple, green, red, orange) highlight the intensity offered by each new fragrances. To achieve a sophisticated and modern look, the products are presented in boxes with a silver hot printed decoration.


The featured products in the PHEBO area will be the Hand Cream and the Body Butter with Sicilian lemon.

Sicilian lemon was first an ornamental plant in oriental gardens, to then become the symbol of Mediterranean culture spanning from Europe to Egypt, and its cultivation was passed from one generation to another. A featured ingredient in Haute Parfumerie, these lemony notes convey the sparkling and revitalizing freshness of unforgettable Mediterranean afternoons.