MakeUp in SaoPaulo: The countdown is on!

Last Thursday the MakeUp in SaoPaulo team kicked off the next edition, to be held on 8 and 9 December 2015, in just nine months. Many of the 2014 exhibitors and a representative of the Abihpec, the partner of the event for the second year in a row, were invited last Thursday in São Paulo to visit the new venue chosen, namely the beautiful rooms of the Rebouças Conventions Centre fully refurbished, with its large bay windows overlooking the city.

An opportunity also for the organizers to look back at the success of the first edition which had gathered last December, about 620 visitors in two days, around exhibitors from around the world. An opportunity finally for Manoel Teixeira Simoes, Executive Director of the Abihpec to provide a complete update on both the market of Brazilian beauty products and on the very recent changes in regulations and import taxes. The second edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo is looking extremely promising. “The most recent requests we have received,” says Jean-Yves Bourgeois, “show that the number of exhibitors should increase twofold.”

Very convenient to access!

“The new place chosen,” emphasises Sandra Maguarian “is probably the best suited to the development of the event not only for this year but, above all, for the coming years. There is plenty of space and the Conventions Centre offers all the necessary room, for the setting up of stands but also for the organization of events and conferences. The venue is easily accessible with several metro stations within reach, at the very heart of São Paulo and with nearby hotels. At the end of the meeting, participants, from companies such as Arcade, Faber Castell, Geka, Chromavis, Cosmotec, Cosmogen, LF Beauty, Topline, Intercos, Weckerle, Bristol Pivaudran…, were all unanimous: “The venue is particularly well chosen for this second edition, which will be, without a doubt, as successful as the first edition.”