Many animations and special features at the next MakeUp in SaoPaulo…

To stimulate their creativity and foster the challenge between the different schools, students of make-up schools, “ateliê de Maquiagem” and “SENAC Tatuapé” accompanied by their models will create a special make-up show inspired by the great beauty of old style beauty parlours, pin-ups and divas, icons from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, in a classic style barber shop setting.


Mily Serebrenik

This animation will be coordinated by Mily Serebrenik, Makeup Artist and a faithful friend of MakeUp in …™ shows. Nails will also be in the spotlight with a special nail art demonstration on two models dress up in vintage outfits and make-up by Mily Serebrenik.
For this new edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo, animations will be directly inspired by old style beauty parlours, pin-ups, divas and icons from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
Very popular at the moment all around the world, classic style barber shops which show nowadays that those places are becoming our living rooms and our lounges not only for women but for men too. Reviving pin-ups, divas and the icons from the 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s its nothing else but re-creating decades of glamorous divas. Because of social media, blogs and vlogs the need for a “perfect make-up” is now an expected thing. Anyone with a smartphone and special apps can create a “media face” but, by using some make-up plus a few technical tips one can create a stunning face. With vanity lights and an indulging environment, visitors and expositors will be invited to use this unique beauty parlour as their lounge or as a setting for selfies and show that our love and fascination for make-up and cosmetics hasn’t changed much since old times… Visitors will also be able to visit these beauty parlours and use as in the old times, rollers, bonnets, powder puffs, lipsticks and so on.

To furnish and embellish this animation, visitors will be able to appreciate the furniture designed in a “Barber shop” style by the brand Van De Velde, which was always known for being a brand with outstanding quality and its innovative designs. Today Van de Velde has different lines of furniture that adapt to modern salons, sophisticated spas, classic spaces, not to mention the charming vintage lines and the stunning retro style barber chairs.

Ateliê de Maquiagem Simone Tinelli a make-up school at the cutting edge of its art

2016-10-06With only 4 students per class, Ateliê de Maquiagem is focused on personalized courses for each student and their needs. Directed by Simone Tinelli, a Makeup Artist /Hair Stylist specialized in film and HD television, the school includes high level internationally experienced teachers. They offer make-up courses, eye-brow design and hair-styling courses. Simone Tinelli will also hold a conference on the history of make-up and will take this opportunity to present her book on make-up techniques and the labour market, “Manual do maquiador”.

Senac Tatuapé, Beauty, nothing but beauty

2016-10-07Senac Tatuapé was founded on June 4th of 1987. It offers a large choice of technical professional courses in various areas including general administration beauty & aesthetics, technology, business, foreign trade, graphic design, social communication, accounting, system developments, events, finance, photography, people management, computer work, internet, marketing, logistics, massage techniques, networks and their-infrastructure, complementary therapies and sales techniques. The school’s infrastructure includes classrooms fully equipped for aesthetics and massage techniques, such as massage tables, microcurrents and others devices. The unit also relies on IT and photography labs plus a room for conferences and events for students and the public.

Making one’s nails… Quite an art!

2016-10-08Not to be missed this year at MakeUp in SaoPaulo, a new animation by Luciana Makihara, coach, teacher and nail designer who will perform some spectacular nail art demos on two models dressed up in vintage outfits and make-up by Mily Serebrenik.
Luciana Makihara was born in São Paulo and spent 23 years living in Japan where she discovered the amazing world of Nail Art.
In Japan she graduated in Aesthetics, Relaxation Therapy and Nail Art. She is also certified as a coach, and as a nail specialist by the JNA (Japan Nailist Association) and in the Bio Sculpture Gel Nail System.
Since 2014 Luciana is Back in São Paulo. Now with her great technical skills, international experience, creativity and through her teaching she aims to improve and develop the Nail Design market in Brazil.