Only five days to go! Come meet “key” suppliers

In less than a week, the third edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo will open its doors at the Centro Rebouças. A unique opportunity to meet “key” suppliers in the global make-up industry. Suppliers who will present, among others, some of their latest products, who for some of them, will be presented on the Innovation Tree at the show entrance. Congratulations to the Intercos and Schwan Cosmetics Groups, to the Alkos, Faber Castell, Weckerle, Albéa, Geka, Adhespack, Cosmogen and Qualipac Companies for their excellence and relevant developments that won with flying colours this contest. A third edition of MakeUp in SaoPaulo which contradicts the downwards predictions concerning the Brazilian economy. Because, actually the beauty industry is doing very well! See you next week….

The winners of the Innovation Tree Products


Love At First Sight Eyeshadow – INTERCOS – Booth 1
Eyeshadow with an airy and creamy texture and offering new payoffs thanks to the combination of two shades.
Rebel Matte Jumbo Twist – INTERCOS – Booth 1
Delivers an intense colour with a matte finish and a supple and soft texture that provides a velvety feel on the lips during application.


Single Twins Eyebrows- ALKOS – Booth 8
Double-ended pencil for perfect eyebrows with one end that defines and draws the bows perfectly, while the other end fills, sets and highlights eyebrows that will stay in place all day.
Pen Eyeliner Miracle Sensation – SCHWAN COSMETICS – Booth 20
Miracle Sensation Purple, with its high intensity pigmentation, trendy bright colour and different pack stands as an innovative eyeliner. An eyeliner whose high performance formula provides a rich colour effect with a matte finish that lasts all day (8 hours or more). Fast drying, no transfer, water resistant. Free of nanos, parabens, volatile compounds and formaldehyde.
Magnetic 8-Hour Lipliner With Gel-Like Glide – FABER-CASTELL – Booth 18
With its gel-like consistency, this formula glides like a dream. The rich colours come from the high pigment concentration. It stays soft and creamy (for about 40 seconds), then sets for an 8h * long finish. The PVCfree plastic barrel can be sharpened and is available in custom colours.
Ph-Antastic Lipstick- WECKERLE – Booth 17
Transparent lipstick decorated like an engraving. Its crystalline texture moisturises the lips while giving them shine. Reactive to the skin pH, it tints lips with custom pink shades. A gorgeous pay-off that lipstick lovers will appreciate.


Self Sampling – ADHESPACK – Booth 14
A smart, efficient, health-safe concept for individual samples of perfumes and make-up products. Thanks to a fully automated system with a simple pressure, the product sample is released in a unique, precise and elegant way.
Onyx & Quartz – Albea – Booth 2
New digital printing technology dedicated to brands that works on flat, slightly convex or slightly concave surfaces. The artwork is printed directly on the pack. This technology makes every type of artwork possible with a photo-like result. It meets the need for very small series and very fast changeovers. It is perfect for limited editions, special animations and last-minute customization..
Brush 28964_Soft Secret – GEKA – Booth 16
A brush with GEKA’s patented SANDWICH technology.
– With a harder and more coloured brush core, lashes are precisely lifted and perfectly separated, while the transparent and extremely soft bristles reach the tinier lashes.
– Two areas of application for an incredibly defined volume.
One Touch- QUALIPAC – Booth 19
One Touch is a standard innovative and patented mechanism offering a easy single-handed on-off opening (simply press and release). Airtight guaranteed. It also offers as much flexibility as possible for adopting all the design forms for fluid make-up products (gloss, mascaras, eyeliners, correctors, nail polishes, etc.) It can be custom designed with multiple materials, finishings, shapes and decorations.


Contouring – COSMOGEN – Booth 7
A range of six brushes for well defined applications on the face and body with appropriate formulas (contouring or high resolution products).