The future of formulation: an overview of make-up innovation

MakeUp in SaoPaulo – Thursday 4th December from 02:30 pm to 03:30 pmIn a context of deep change in consumer taste, Luisa Oliva, International R&D and technical marketing Consultant, Pharmacist will present an overview of technological advances and trends in the formulation of make-up products. From a global selection of products, she will reveal the characteristics of current and future formulations.

Lightness combined to increasingly sophisticated effects

To address the profound change in tastes observed with consumers in search of lightness and increasingly sophisticated effects, new products are formulated with extreme precision, leaving no detail to chance. In this context and that of sustainable development, research aims to develop formulations combining innovative technologies and environmental protection for a unique result.

Evanescent products with very pure finishes

The new formulas are fresh and light, with both a subtle colour and a melting texture, as if there was almost “no matter”, both impalpable and dense. Their goal is to transfer colour onto the skin avoiding material effect. Brands develop evanescent products with a very pure colour finish and the result must imperatively be long-wear.

An impressive nude effect

The new face products have an impressive nude effect, eyes are deep black painted with refined lines, lashes are becoming longer and longer and more intense, lips are red and ethereal.

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